Foxwell Nt630 Pro reset SRS Codes on Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ diesel 2.5 1997

I was hesitant to purchase the Foxwell Nt630 Pro, but it has exceeded my expectations! Received Nt630 Pro in good condition, solid unit without being too heavy, comes in a very nice hard case, the cord is PLENTY long, but extremely stiff. I will have to purchase a better cord somewhere…The interface is nice and overall the product quality is good.

It’s very easy to use. Large buttons allow it to be used while wearing mechanic’s gloves.

Purchased to read live data from my Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ diesel 2.5 1997, by hooking NT630 pro up to the vehicle, all functions seemed to work accept it reads the SRS Airbag code like the description read. My Airbag light turn off and I know what is wrong.

Also used it to read Subaru SRS codes, and it has worked on 3 different models so far, and 2 Pontiac’s. The live data is what you would expect. Being able to store codes on the included flash disc is quite nice. I registered it immediately, and was pleasantly surprised that the software was already up to date!

Updates are expected, but they took so long that they had to download overnight.


  1. Foxwell Nt630 Pro specifically for its abs functionality.
  2. Before purchase NT630 pro, you’d better contact email at the seller they will check the function list if your car brand is compatible or not. If you know it was not compatible from the beginning you would have not purchased it. Otherwise it wasted your time and money.
  3. BTW I bought my NT630 from who is authorized foxwell tools dealer in China. The customer service replies my message timely and helpful. Personally this is a responsible and reliable seller.foxwell-nt-630-abs-reset-tool-1foxwell-nt-630-abs-reset-tool-7