2020 Best ABS Brake Bleed Scan Tool For Toyota 4Runner

To Fixin to replace ABS/Master Cylinder Unit & need bleeding, Foxwell NT630 Plus is a good choice, it has brake bleeding function for cars equipped with ABS brakes

Test here:

Car model and year: Toyota 4Runner 02 Sport


Symptoms: Prolonged motor cycling-whirring sound upon startup. Squishy brake pedal and rig lurches forward when almost at a stop, while making motor cycling-whirring sounds.


What I tried to do:

Physically inspected all connection harnesses at the ABS unit as well as speed sensors at each wheel and they seem to be fine. No breaks etc.

Picked up a complete ABS/Master Cylinder unit from a local guy for $150 so why not swap it out to see if it’ll help.

While researching bleeding procedures I stumbled upon the 4th Gen site and they seem to be split into two camps: normal bleeding procedure and those saying the ABS actuators had to be tripped via some sort of Toyota software and a special connector. Apparently if you leave the ABS unit alone you can bleed old school but if you replace the ABS unit, like I’m going to do, you need the software? Others say to just drive the car hard, brake like a lunatic to trip the ABS and then bleed.


My question:

If ABS actuators are not tripped and opened, air may accumulate inside the ABS unit itself?

What is the most effective way to bleed an 02 when replacing the ABS/Master Cylinder Unit?



I was checking out this scanner, not a bad price, when I noticed in the fine print that it works with Toyotas…2003 and up… search continues.


Found it! Same price as the dealer to bleed and I won’t get sucked into other “needed” repairs.

2020 Best ABS Brake Bleed Scan Tool For Toyota 4Runner



Looks good. Pages #26 & #27 of interest in the user’s manual.
Special Functions – Foxwell NT630 Pro Manual [Page 26]

Might be worth calling Foxwell tech support to see if it will hook up with an 2002 Toyota brake system. Same as 2003.

Worth the call as these will usually get a *lot* of vehicles but will skip weird ones.

Want to sure on what you exactly need for your vehicle.

I. E. Doubt it does 100% ABS function bi-directional for all the vehicles listed in the advertisement.

Will do most. That’s the problem with these lower end cost units. Truth in advertising.

Then there are other units (next price increment up) which simply clone the auto factory software and bundle it up. (software license infringement?)

This is where the fun begins.


Test reports:

Yes, NT630 Plus  ABS & Airbag Reset Tool work well on Toyota 4Runner 02 Sport!


Hope it helps.