Benz CLK320 2002 SRS light on, Foxwell NT630, Autel MD702/802 advice

There are three options Airbag reset tool which can turn off SRS light on and malfunction warning on 2002 Mercedes Benz CLK320, they are Foxwell NT630 ABS Airbag Reset Tool, Autel MD702 scanner, Autel MD802 scanner. How they do this and where to get them? Go on reading following parts.


Car model and year:

2002 Mercedes Benz CLK320



SRS light on and malfunction warning.


Tool to use:

Foxwell NT630 ABS Airbag Reset Tool

Autel MD702 scanner

Autel MD802 scanner


Option 1: Foxwell NT630 ABS Airbag Reset Tool, I got it from which is authorized dealer at China, I paid $179 + shipping cost, 5 days delivery by DHL after I paid by PayPal. I recommend it because the salesman response to my message timely and usefully.


I induced the warning light back several days ago when I decided to replace a couple of stepper (never again!) motors so I knew that I wasn’t looking for a hard fault.



I can confirm that this Foxwell NT630 unit did it and it was pretty straight forward to use. No other faults picked up on the car so I can’t comment any further on its performance. Foxwell NT630 is supposed to support most vehicles up to 2013 and compatible with both OBDI and OBDII cars, SUVs, minivans, light-duty trucks sold worldwide. So hopefully I’m future proofed for a few years. I will have chance to use it on other vehicle models. Foxwell NT630 is claimed to be compatible with most vehicles from America, Asia and Europe, if you are a professional technician, it can’t be more suitable.

Option 2: Autel MD702 scanner

Buying an AUTEL MD702 Elite, paid €181.55 free shipping at


You will need a 38 pin cable, too


Option 3: Autel MD802 scanner

Feedback: I bought Autel md802 DS elite – very good device. I had a problem with SRS ligh on 2007 w204 220CDI and manage to clear code with no problem. Not everyone can afford to buy a device. Device can erase a mistake only if original problem was sorted. haven’t tested MD802 on 2002 Mercedes Benz CLK320, will test and share the report here.