How to Deactivate/activate Audi A6 Brake with Foxwell NT415?

The blog provides the specific operation procedure about how to do retract and re-engage the brake calipers on 2010 Audi A6 with Foxwell NT415 Scanner.

Vehicle model:

2010 Audi A6


Device required:

NT415 EPB tool



The function desired:

Retract and re-engage the brake calipers


Operation in detail

Press electronic handbrake button


Select Application-EPB

Press enter

Select Audi, press enter


Loading data, please wait…

Communication with the vehicle, please wait…

Select VW/EPB_Other VAG,and enter


Select Read codes

System pass. No fault found.


Press Back button

Select Special Functions/Deactivate Brake, and press Enter button.

Communicating with the vehicle, please wait…



Deactivate Brake Done


Select Special Function/Activate Brake, and enter

Communicating with the vehicle, please wait…


Activate Brake Done


Press the button again



Here is the video guide for better learning:


NT415 EPB Service Tool Features and Benefits:

– Coverage includes 31 manufacturers
– Deactivates and re-activates brake control system
– Retracts calipers for brake pad replacement
– Advances calipers after servicing to the original position without   affecting the current calibration
– Reads and clears trouble codes
– Turns off brake warning light
– Initializes the wear indicator if new pads installed
– Diagnoses EPB/SBC caliper functionality
– Resets the brake pad thickness after AUDI A8 service
– Performs ECU controlled brake fluid change
– Shows ECU information
– Supports all 10 OBDII test modes, including reading/clearing   codes, live data and so much more
– Provides live data graphing
– Merges graphs for easy and intuitive diagnosis
– Prints data through PC
– As easy as 1-2-3 with large TFT color screen and menu-driven   operations
– Multilingual menu options and code definitions
– SD memory card for data backup and software update
– Beautiful, ergonomic and robust housing

If you have a foxwell nt415,and want to know about it ,welcome to read Foxwell Nt415 EPB Service Tool Obd2 Diagnostic tool user manual