How to Diagnose with Foxwell NT630 ABS&SRS Reset Tool

Foxwell NT630 AutoMaster Pro is one of the Foxwell tech products which specialized in ABS and Airbag reset. NT630 is able to carry out accurately and professional diagnosis of ABS and SRS fault of extensive vehicle makes. The diagnostic process contains following parts vehicle identification, system selection and diagnostic function selection.
ⅠVehicle Selection:
1 Connect NT630 main interface into the laptop/PC via cable, then turn on the switch.
2 There are four ways to select vehicle make.
a. Automatic VIN acquisition
Application menu>>Scan>>Enter>>Select area>>Select vehicle makes>>Vin acquisition>>Read the vehicle VIN code>>Enter VIN code>>Click “Yes”
b. Manual VIN entry
Application menu>>Scan>>Enter>>Select area>>Select vehicle makes>> Select a appropriate option from the menu>>Input a valid VIN code>>Click “Finish”
c. Manual vehicle selection
Application menu>>Scan>>Enter>>Select area>>Select vehicle makes>>Select vehicle VIN characters model year, and engine type one by one
d. Vehicle data recorder  Application menu>>Scan>>Enter>>Select area>>Select vehicle makes>>Select Auto Scan>>Test>>Save>>Input vehicle’s name>>Select vehicle record>>Enter
Ⅱ System Selection:
Two system options are offered to diagnose, including Auto Scan & Control Unit
1 Auto Scan
Select Auto Scan on the main menu and click Enter.
foxwell nt630-1
To stop scanning, press the function key corresponding with Pause on the screen.
foxwell nt630-2
A menu with a list of installed controllers together with their DTC overview displays
foxwell nt630-3

The menu displays fault codes and press “Quick Erase” to clear them

foxwell nt630-4

Select the system you like to test and click Enter

foxwell nt630-5

2 Control Unit
Select Control Unit on the menu and click Enter to proceed.
foxwell nt630-6
To stop scanning, press the function key corresponding with Pause on the screen.
foxwell nt630-7
Select the system you like to test and click enter
 foxwell nt630-8
Ⅲ Diagnostic Function Selection:
Following five diagnostic options are offered below to move on diagnosis.
● Read Codes
● Erase Codes
● ECU Information
● Live Data
● Special Function
Read Codes
foxwell nt630-9foxwell nt630-4
Erase Fault codes
 foxwell nt630-9
foxwell nt630-10
Check ECU Information
 foxwell nt630-11
Live Data
 foxwell nt630-12
NT 630 also support other special functions e.g ABS Manual Control Test, ABS Motor Test, Acuter Tests etc. Just follow the program instructions.