Top 4 Airbag ABS Scan Tools reviews

What are ABS codes?

An ABS warning lamp that is on usually means trouble. If you are not dealing with a real problem the ABS system has self-diagnosed, you may have a “false” code that was set by some combination of circumstances. … On these systems, flash codes repeat three times. Codes will stay in memory 50 ignition cycles.


What would cause the ABS and brake light to stay on?

An ABS light (anti-lock braking system) that is stuck on doesn’t necessarily mean you need an ABS brake repair. … The light staying on can be caused by something as simple as the emergency brake or more complicated things like a loss of brake fluid and pressure or bad hydraulic valves.


How much does it cost to reset airbag light?

Number 1 — Reset Airbag Light

This process can take several hours of time and usually costs a few hundred dollars, although depending upon the type of car it may be up to about $600.


What does an ABS scan tool do?

An ABS/SRS scan tool is a necessary tool to identify faults in your engine that can turn on the ABS or SRS engine light.


Can obd2 scanner reset airbag light?

OBD2 scanner can read fault car code and reset SRS. … However, you need to buy an OBD2 scanner that is capable of reading SRS light codes and resetting it. There are many OBD2 scanners on the market. They work with 1996 and newer models and can solve not just SRS issues but other basic and advanced problems as well.


Best Airbag ABS Scan Tool at reasonable price:

Launch CRP123

Foxwell NT630 Plus

Foxwell NT630 Elite

BlueDriver LSB2


Top 4 picks of Airbag ABS Scan Tool
Launch CRP123 Foxwell NT630 Plus Foxwell NT630 Elite BlueDriver LSB2
Image Launch CRP123 Foxwell Nt630 Plus Foxwell Nt630 Elite Bluedriver Lsb2
Airbag, ABS Diagnosis
Read & Clear Codes
Full OBDII Test Modes
Engine Diagnosis
Transmission Diagnosis
ABS Manual Control Tests
ABS Bleeding
ABS Motor Test
ABS Version Test
Autobleed Test
Price $129 $149 $149 $100


In details…


Top 1: Foxwell NT630 Plus ABS & Airbag Reset Tool with SAS Calibration(NT630 Elite Updated Version)

*More advanced hardware

*Cover newer car models than Foxwell NT630 Elite

*Share as the same function as NT630 Plus

Foxwell Nt630 Plus

Foxwell NT630 Plus allows you to temporarily activate or control ABS/airbag system or component. With NT630 Plus, the check of electronic components such as switches, sensors, relays & actuators is made a simple task, saving your time and labor costs.


Foxwell NT630 Plus Pros:

1). Foxwell NT630Plus Tests on A Vast Variety of Vehicles.
– Works on the latest 2017/2018 models including cars, SUVs, minivans, light-duty trucks sold worldwide
– ABS and Airbag coverage includes 58 manufacturers
– SAS (Steering Angle Sensor) Calibration on more than 41 vehicle makes

2).Foxwell NT630 Plus Reset Tool Offers Professional Diagnosis of ABS and Airbags.
– Reads and clears codes and turns off  warning indicators
– Views and merges live sensor graphs
– Allows to temporarily activate or control ABS/airbag system or component
– It shows live vehicle sensors data in text and graph formats
– You can view 2 parameter graphs simultaneously and merge them into one coordinate

3).Foxwell NT630 Plus Scanner Is Easy to Use.
– Identifies cars quickly and easily with one-key VIN reading
– Extremely easy to use with clearly arranged keypad, menu-driven operation and shortcuts
– Constructed to resist impact and damage in the tough workshop environment.

4). Foxwell NT630 Plus Update.
– Lifetime free updates through USB cable


5). Foxwell NT630 Plus language:
– Multilingual menu options and code definitions


The Foxwell NT630 Plus ABS & Airbag Reset Tool is an excellent tool for car mechanics and comes at a relatively cheap price.


Top 2: Launch CRP123 ENG AT Airbag ABS Code Reader

Launch CRP123


Launch CReader Professional 123 main functions do not only include OBD / EOBD standard protocol diagnosis, but also cover professional diagnostic software for multiple models which can perform comprehensive diagnosis on four main ECU’s (ENG\ABS\SRS\AT) of vehicle.


Launch CRP123 scanner performs DTC reading and clearing, plus it supports all ten OBDII protocol test modes. In addition to that, it can read live OBDII data streams, troubleshoot oxygen sensors and carbon canisters in all vehicles with a standard OBDII from as early as 1996. Tasks such as turning off the check engine light, brake system lights, and airbag lights are made easier with this scanner, but that’s not all it does.


It can be used to read and clear DTCs in transmission, engine, and fuel systems as well.

It’s easy to use interface turns it into a user-friendly device with a load of useful features that even the average vehicle owner would find useful. This airbag scanner is handheld and perfectly portable, although its wide profile requires two-hand usage for efficiency.


Its durable exterior is complemented by a large easy to read backlit LCD display. It doesn’t need batteries; it is powered via the OBDII cable it comes with.


Top 3: BlueDriver LSB2 ENG AT ABS Airbag Scan Tool

Bluedriver Lsb2


BlueDriver has an amazing 32-foot range, and its app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Its Freeze Frame feature delivers a slice of data. Moreover, the app can display speed, engine RPMs, and other data as numbers or graphics gauges.

It performs pre-inspection emissions checking and interprets the specialty codes for BMW/Mini and Toyota vehicles. Nissan’s codes are being added. It can count engine misfires on many newer cars, and the reports can be saved as PDFs.


The BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool is an excellent tool for DIY car mechanics.