Foxwell NT644 update to Foxwell NT644 Pro

Dear Foxwell NT644 users:

If you want NT644 to add more functions such as Battery configuration, DPF and TPS/TBA (Throttle Body Alignment) besides Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), Oil Service Reset functions, back to, the customer service Emilia will help you update, pay extra $120 in total, no ship back the machine and no custom fee, but simple provide serial no to Emilia then you will get the updates.

Self-service: Foxwell NT644 update to Foxwell NT644 Pro

Thanks to Jan-Eirik, Han Jusop and more users who got the updates successfully.


Foxwell NT644 Pro differs from Foxwell NT644 in functions.

Foxwell NT644 Pro can do:

Perform Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) features on approx 30 makes (Same as Foxwell NT644)

Perform Oil Service Reset on approx 40 makes (Same as Foxwell NT644)

Perform DPF on approx 35 makes

Perform Battery Configuration on approx 8 makes

Perform Steering Angle Sensor on approx 40 makes

Perform Throttle Position Sensor on approx 30 makes

nt644 pro nt644 pro functions and vehicle coverage

Foxwell NT644 pro workable electronic control system:

Engine, ABS, Airbags, Immobiliser, Instrument Cluster, Climate Control, Power Steering, Automatic Transmission, etc.

nt644 pro system menu

Read: Foxwell NT644 pro user manual


Foxwell NT644 Pro for sale:


Foxwell NT644 for sale:


Foxwell NT644 feedback:

EPB function on 2012 year Porsche -yes

2014 Isuzu mux lst diesel 12V, Australian – No.


DPF regeneration on Mitsubishi pajero 2008 7 seats, engine: diesel 3200 engine type: V98W (this brand is called shogun/montero instead of pajero) – yes


Cover abs and airbag one one Australian ford and Toyota hybrid Camry – yes (Tip: the workable year is different from one model to other; it covers up to 2015 year).


NT644 not support SAS and Bi-directional control tests, advice Foxwell NT510.


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