Buy Foxwell BT705 or Foxwell BT100 battery tester (Feedback)?

There are two optional Foxwell battery analyzers: Foxwell BT705 battery analyzer and Foxwell BT100 battery tester, which one to use?  You are advised to firstly read about their comparison in parameters then read others reviews.

Part 1: Firstly refer to this comparison table made by Foxwellshop engineer.

Tool Name Foxwell BT705 Battery Analyzer  Foxwell BT100 Battery Tester
Main unit Buy Foxwell BT705 or Foxwell BT100 battery tester (Feedback)? Buy Foxwell BT705 or Foxwell BT100 battery tester (Feedback)?
Item No. AD86 and AD86-1 (come with Mini Bluetooth printer) AD93
Price $135 free shipping (with no Mini Bluetooth printer); $189 (with Mini Bluetooth printer) $50 free shipping
Language English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese
Function Check battery health and detect faults of starting and charging system. check battery health and faults
Auxiliary function No No
Vehicle applications passenger cars and duty trucks  passenger cars and light duty trucks
Scope Tests 12&24 volt charging system Voltage measuring: 6V to 18V
Battery types Regular flooded,AGM flat plate ,AGM spiral and GEL Flooded, AGM, GEL
Battery rating  100 – 2000CCA  100 – 800CCA
Built-in printer  Built in Bluetooth Printer No


Part 2: refer to BT705 battery analyzer feedback and BT100 feeback.

Good Quality in design: very well constructed and the buttons are firm. The outer case is ruggedized and seems like it would hold up to standard wear and tear

Include all in package:

This battery tester looks and feels rugged, includes some very useful features, the cable has a nice hefty silicon jacket, and includes a nice blow molded case.The cord is long enough (7′) to allows me to do the “Start” and “Load Tests” from inside of the vehicles.

Accurate: I tested this out on 4 different cars with known good systems and all came back accurate. They either tested bad or charge and retest. The tool is laid out well and the interface is very user friendly

Great for the home use: The industry standard for electrical multimeters is Fluke however they cost a lot more than this Etekcity multimeter. I plan on keeping this around for use around the house.

With written well manual: The manual was written well with easy to understand instructions

How to use Foxwell BT705 battery analyzer? Read this user manual as below:


Enough for home use:

For those looking for “Just Tell Me Yes or No” results, this is a good choice. Those looking for more complex results, whatever they actually mean ((LOL)), just look at the product pictures to see if that is what you are looking for. The pictures are true to reality.

Easy to use and works well:

For those who are looking for a battery tester as they’ve been having some issues with their car and they weren’t sure if they were linked to the battery or not. With Foxwell BT100 tester you were able to ascertain that there were no issues with the battery on your car and your  issues was a much bigger electrical issue, which resulted in you getting a new car. It helps if you have some experience with jumper cables as it’s the same concept, but if you don’t that’s okay too because the directions are really easy to follow. You connect the cords as you would jumper cables, which powers up this tester. I just followed the directions and I was able to easily ascertain that the issue was not my battery. All I can say is that this definitely works as far as ascertaining issues with the battery itself. It’s very user friendly and very easy to use. I definitely recommend this.