Foxwell BT100 12V battery analyzer Feedback: easy to use & accurate

After reading this post on Foxwell BT100 12V battery analyzer feedback, you will agree, it is really helpful and also easy to use for everyone.


Feedback 1: easy to use and very accurate

I bought Foxwell BT100 12V battery analyzer to test the batteries in my boat. The meter is very easy to use and seems very accurate. I find the best measurements are taken with the battery disconnected from the vehicle, but it has a option to test in the vehicle. The meter determined my batteries need to be replaced, which I expected. I’m not sure what the threshold is to give that assessment, but the meter tells me how many CCA each battery is capable of, so I can make sure I can always start my engine.

Foxwell BT100 12V battery analyzer Feedback: easy to use & accurate


Feedback 2: You might need it in long way driving

A personal advice, Get this Foxwell BT100 12V battery analyzer and put in your car’s grove box. You might need it especially in long way driving. This is a easy to use device. By connecting both + and – connector to the battery then it will start automatically and show the voltage rating of the battery ( in most case, 12.60 volt and up is good). Also there are many different checking features by just read the manual booklet for more info. Highly recommended.

Foxwell BT100 12V battery analyzer Feedback: easy to use & accurate Foxwell BT100 12V battery analyzer Feedback: easy to use & accurate Foxwell BT100 12V battery analyzer Feedback: easy to use & accurate


Feedback 3: Foxwell BT100 test 6-volt deep cycle batteries used on RV


I purchased this Foxwell BT100 to test my 6-volt deep cycle batteries used on my RV. As things sometimes work out the day I received my tester my cars battery light came on. I have never seen this light up when driving and seeing how I replaced the alternator about a year ago I felt it might have been the battery going bad. I opened the hood to inspect the battery which is now 3 year and 2 months old. (2 months past the free replacement warranty period). I was about to pull out the battery and go purchase a new one when I remembered I had just purchased this fancy battery tester.

I hooked up the tester which powers on as soon as it is connected to the battery. The first thing I see is the battery voltage which was reading low. (Now worried about the alternator not charging the battery) I ran the battery test. The menu is easy to follow, and the tester had me perform actions like turn on my headlights then turn them off so it could measure the drop in voltage. Anyways good news was the battery was fine as identified by the test tool.

I cleaned the post and reconnected and started the car and now the light on the dash was off and after driving around for about 30-45 minutes (maybe longer) I retested and the voltage had climbed back up and the tester was no longer telling me the battery needed to be charged.
I also tested my 2 6-volt batteries. both are reading a low charge and they need to be replaced. I’m running a full charge on them now to make sure they are floated then will retest. If the test tool continues to tell me they need to be replaced I will take them back into Batteries Plus to have them test. The reason for this is my Inverter will not power up and throws a low voltage alarm which has me thinking one of the two new 6 volt batteries are bad. The test tool is telling me they both are bad so will continue my testing and will hopefully update this review with my findings.

At this point I’m very happy with this tester, it is easy to use and seems durable.


Feedback 4:

I’ve Foxwell BT100 used test a couple batteries so far, and it seems to be accurate when analyzing them.

One battery would only get my Honda to cycle the starter solenoid, but not enough to turn it over enough to start it.
Tester showed it was putting out <100 CA, which what the battery level seemed.

Another battery in my truck is on a solar trickle charger to keep it charged since I don’t use it much.
There is ample power to start the V6 Tacoma.
According to this analyzer my battery has 440 CA, this battery always reads 12.4 volts even after charging.

Also, this does not actually put a load on the battery……putting an actual load is the most accurate way.
However, this tester makes a quick check simple and easy.


I’m afraid I can’t list all feedback, I think these info are helpful if you are considering one recently.

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