Foxwell BT705 Battery Analyzer for 12V and 24V Feedback

Bought Foxwell BT705 Battery Analyzer to have on hand just in case for quick diagnostics of the battery, starting, and charging system. BT705 battery tester is very well constructed and the buttons are firm, it includes some very useful features. The cable has a nice hefty silicon jacket, and includes a nice blow molded case. The cord is long enough (7′) to allows me to do the “Start” and “Load Tests” from inside of the vehicles.

Foxwell BT705 Battery Analyzer for 12V and 24V Feedback

I tested this out on 4 different cars with known good systems and all came back accurate. They either tested bad or charge and retest. The tool is laid out well and the interface is very user friendly. I took this to work and tested numerous battery cores with expected results.

The only downside I see is that the cables may be the weak spot here, they are built into the tool and not detachable. I am not sure if you can get new leads for the unit or not so that could render the unit useless prematurely.

The manual was written well with easy to understand instructions.

Overall I am very happy with the purchase. I plan on keeping this around for use around the house.

How to use Foxwell BT705 battery analyzer? Read this user manual as below: