Perform ABS Bleeding on Chevy Blazer 1999 through Foxwell NT630 Plus

I have a Chevy Blazer 2nd Generation S-series 1999, and after multiple brake fluid flushes and bleeding and still having a soft pedal (to the floor soft).

For this reason, I started looking for the cheapest two-way scanning tool, I hope this tool would actually get any air out of the ABS system.

After all the searching, my cheapskate self decided on the Foxwell NT630 Plus (instead Elite). Yeah, it’s from China and it’s not going to program your keyfob but I just verified that it can run the ABS purge on my 1999 Blazer.

Perform ABS Bleeding on Chevy Blazer 1999 through Foxwell NT630 Plus


It was already night when the $150 Foxwell NT630 Plus tool arrived at my home. Tomorrow I will use the power bleeder to vent all four wheels again.

If you are interested in hearing how it works out for me, please go on reading:
It did perform the ABS bleed and it looks like Foxwell NT630 Plus will cover the full range of 96-05 blazers for it (I selected 1999 obviously). I did get some more tiny bubbles and some trash out of the lines (metal flakes are bad, M’Kay!), and one of the bleeders clogged up on me so it turned into another flush. As far as getting to the ABS purge, it’s not too hard, just not the most intuitive way to get there. Things to remember are: When it gives you a list of letters to scroll down, it wants the 5th digit of your VIN. Also (maybe more importantly depending on how you look at it), there are two completely different branches for checking the ABS/SRS (same ‘button’ to select). There’s a choice of Body or Chassis, Body will send you through airbag side and Chassis will send you to ABS side. Make sure your battery is in good shape before you decide to perform that 2nd/3rd/4th auto purge too, it’s a real battery drainer!

I’m going to replace the rear brake pads since the left rear looks close and it’s making noises now. I’ll know for sure if I need to reset the brake bias at that point.

I thought I’d share a tool confirmed to bleed the ABS system is 149USD. It also does all the normal OBDII and airbag codes too.