Wholesale Foxwell diagnostic maintenance tools, foxwell.com!

This is an official declare from www.foxwelltool.com to the guys who are looking for opportunity to provide FoxWell products on your shops.


www.foxwelltool.com offer wholesale of the Foxwell products.

Wholesale Foxwell diagnostic maintenance tools, foxwell.com!

How to do:

Please email at: Sales@FOXWELLtool.com including the product list you are interested in and the quantity you will need, so that we can offer you the quote and the shipping.

For Bulk trade, the price could be best.

After we deal, you can add the product catalog on your website.

Believe us! We can definitely establish a strong, ongoing partnership.

Why must choose www.foxwelltool.com?

We have a broader overseas warehouse located in US, UK, Australia, HK, Shenzhen, etc.

No one likes waiting the long delivery time and pay Tax, don’t you think?

Such as:

  • US warehouse available: Foxwell NT510, GT80 mini, BT705 12V 24V Battery Analyzer, NT301, BT100 12 Volt Battery Analyzer,NT1001 TPM sensor decoder or activator
  • UK warehouse available: NT301 CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader
  • Australia warehouse available: BT100 12 Volt Battery Analyzer
  • HK: it depends
  • Shenzhen: all Foxwell tools

And like other shops, the payment is multi optional incl. PayPal, TT, WU etc.

We confirm our after-sales service is always available to answer you.

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