Find CRD Fault with Foxwell CRD700 & NT644 for Toyota Hilux

I’m a automobile mechanic. This blog records my operation on diagnosing CRD fault for Toyota Hilux through Foxwell CRD700 and Foxwell NT644.

Car model and year:
2006 Toyota Hilux

Issue : engine was cranked without start situation.

What I have tried:
Due to on site drum fuel filled and drivability issues of the car, I have emptied and cleaned the flue tank, replaced the fuel filter and suction control valve and programmed the injectors. But it still broke down.

Diagnostic process:
(1)Devices required:
Foxwell CRD 700
(This device is designed for fast and accurate diagnosis of fault in common rail system. It represents the state of art technology for measuring the pressure on common rail systems)
Foxwell NT644
(It has powerful function on accurating diagnosis, covered model function from 49 manufactures)

(2) Diagnostic Operation:
First, measure the CRD Rail Pressure with Foxwell CRD700 to make sure the accuracy of rail pressure sensor.
Second, use NT644 to graph data to compare the graphed rail pressure 10,000 kpa / 100 bar with the measurement of CRD700.
foxwell-CRD-fault-1 foxwell-CRD-fault-2 foxwell-CRD-fault-3

According to the data, I rule out the injector pump issue. After moving and testing the injectors, I found injector 2 and 3 where leaking-into return-.After replacing and programming the injectors I tested the car and found the pressure where all within specification.