FOXWELL NT204 compare with Foxwell NT200 Code Reader

This post is aim to compare FOXWELL NT204 and Foxwell NT200 Code Reader in the aspect of similarities and differences.


Part 1: FOXWELL NT204 and Foxwell NT200 differences

1) FTF color screen

FOXWELL NT204: 2.4″ TFT color screen.

Foxwell NT200: 2.6′ LCD screen

2) Code troubleshooters:

Only Foxwell NT200 is available.

3) Hot keys for quick access of data

Only Foxwell NT204 is available.

4) One-click I/M readiness key and build-in speaker

Only Foxwell NT204 is available

5) Language:

Foxwell NT204 Language: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Italian

Foxwell NT200 Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch

6) Price:

Foxwell NT204 price: $39 free shipping

Foxwell NT200 price: $34.99 free shipping

Part 2: FOXWELL NT204 and Foxwell NT200 similarities:

Vehicle coverage: OBDII/EOBD compliant cars, SUVs, light-duty truck and mini-vans sold worldwide since 1996.

Electronic system coverage: Engine only

Compatible protocol: OBDII/EOBD/CAN


Reads and clear codes

Reads/records/graphs live sensor data

Live data

Freeze frame data (OBDII ONLY)

ECU information

Unit of Measure

Multilingual menu and codes

Free update: Life-long free update