Foxwell NT301 OBD2 scanner for Ford Review

We are going to see Foxwell NT301 OBD2 scan tool, see what it can do for Ford comparing the Old version Foxwell NT201.


The package is not exciting, every Foxwell comes with the pamphlet and I would love to test out some of the high-end units right there.


This is Foxwell NT301 right here, quite a bit bigger than Foxwell NT201.

It got a nice rubber packaging around it, so obviously you can drop this and won’t have to worry about it smashed.  And nice big buttons. Now the Foxwell NT301 cable is as long as to 1.8M.

Let’s take this out to my pickup truck, plug it in and we’ll have a look what it can do for Ford.

Booting up, so the interface on this Foxwell NT301 is much like the other one.

I think press the middle button “I/M”.

Foxwell does have really nice greens, nice color, easy to read.

Press “Back ” , then choose “OBDII/EOBD” and press “Enter” .

Just linking to the vehicle right now, the NT201 could read the transmission codes. I’m not sure Foxwell NT301 is going to allow us to do

Erase previously-stored data to save the data from this test? Press “Enter” to confirm.

Alright, see what happens.

This must be the main screen right here.

Read codes, Erase code, Live data, View Freeze Frame, I/M readiness, On-board monitor test, component test.

What’s this “Component test”.

The selected mode is not supported. Never mind.

Vehicle information, let’s go to “modules present”.

Okay, it doesn’t really do anything for us.

Back to the main screen, let’s go to “Live data”.

Reading PID, I don’t know how long it will take.

Can “Record Data”, “Playback Data”

Let’s go to “View Data”.

Complete data set.

Lays everything out nice and simple. Gives you all your information.

Foxwell NT201 could do a graph well, can Foxwell NT301 do a graph as well, yes looks like got out of it there.

Let’s go to see something change a lot like “Spark Advance”.

I like Graph feature.

Foxwell NT201 gives you all the same features scan, read your basic data, can’t get into any modules that I could see.


Here “Review” option.



Pretty simple. I’m not sure what this one will most likely budget scanners like this are under the hundred dollar range.

This is good for a person that doesn’t want a lot of data, this wants like read a code. See what’s going on and go from there.

I am going to thank you Foxwell NT301, not much of a difference between the Foxwell NT301 and NT201. Pretty much the same features. I’m gonna have to do some research maybe to see if there is any big differences. Maybe just in size obviously. Anyway Foxwell NT301 does what it’s supposed to do.