Foxwell NT301 Reviews: Best OBD2 Scanner for Home Repair

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Foxwell NT301 Review 1: Read error code P0013 and I replace faulty VVT exhaust solenoid by myself

This analyzer totally performed to my expectations. Very simple and intuitive with minimal need for referencing the instruction book (which is pretty thorough).
It accurately diagnosed the cause of my Check Engine Light (error code P0013). Went on YouTube to learn how the replace faulty VVT exhaust solenoid, and after a trip to Autozone for the new part, was able to replace it in about 20 minutes. Rechecked system and it was good to go. Loved that I was able to clear error code from car’s ECM memory after the repair. Now I can pass the annual emissions test that is required to renew my next registration here in Texas.
Chevy dealer wanted $125 just to connect to the OBD2… then would add parts/labor to that.
Paid $65 for the scanner tool, $48 for the part and came out way ahead, plus I now have a scanner to use for any future CEL.


Foxwell NT301 Review 2: To reset Check Engine light at cheap price

Bought one Foxwell NT301 for my daughter’s car to reset the check engine light on, considering my daughter has a tight budget.

This unit was easy to use. Found a misfire on cylinder 3. We pulled the spark plug. Tightened and cleaned the aging gap (and ordered new plugs!). Cleared the code. Checked again. And she’s good to go until we can replace those plugs this weekend. Despite a few setbacks of our own making we were done in about an hour.
And yes, if google is to be believed, if the misfire had gotten bad, her driving with the check engine light on MAY have ruined her engine. So this little purchase may have saved her car.


Foxwell NT301 Review 3: very easy to navigate and useful for home repairs

It was very easy to navigate around the menus, and read the codes. Especially for someone like me… who is more useful doing home repairs than working on a car.

I was able to find out what was wrong with my car, and yes I needed to bring it in. But I wasn’t worried I was being ripped off. So I say to you! If you are sick of wondering, hoping and praying you don’t get taken for a ride…. Grab yourself a Foxwell fault code reader and know for sure your car needs a little TLC.


Foxwell NT301 Review 4: works on my 1998 CR-V

I kept bogging down on my 1998 CR-V. I checked and rechecked timing, fuel pressure, spark plugs, distributor, everything. NO check engine light on, I was going crazy. Finally decided to shell out the money for a “pro” scanner, better than my $20 walmart one. I plugged Foxwell NT301 in, took it for a test drive with the data record feature, and guess what I found- a bad O2 upstream sensor. It kept telling my computer it was rich (voltage was .6 to 1.2 all through the ride), and the downstream sensor dipped to near 0 as the computer cut back fuel. My short term fuel trims went down to -30%. All of this and NEVER threw a darn code for me to figure it out. I spent hours upon hours trying to find the mechanical issue, when this electronic tool took care of it in about 15 minutes. A no brainer, your time is worth way more than this costs, buy it. And I’m your average tree shade mechanic who works on his own cars, not a fake reviewer as you can see on my history.


Foxwell NT301 Review 5: much better than Innova 3030

After getting the Foxwell NT301 and getting to use it for awhile now I can say I actually really enjoy using it. While both Innova 3030 and NT301 take about a minute to sync with the vehicle you get a loading screen with the Foxwell that doesn’t make it seem to take as long.

Foxwell gives you not only generic codes but once synced with the vehicle it can also give manufacture codes as well.

The best part is that I give the codes with a description of the code. Which otherwise you would have to write them down and search for them online. This feature is very handy and a major time saver.

The Foxwell also has a great easy to use full color display and easy to follow instructions. Additional features of Foxwell that I really like is the ability to read real time data and print off any codes that have been detected. I’ve used this unit on several vehicles. In the time I’ve owned it and each time it’s worked flawlessly.

Overall I really like the Foxwell NT301 and will and have gladly recommended this reader to several people.

Foxwell NT301 Reviews: Best OBD2 Scanner for Home Repair

Foxwell NT301 Review 6:  got P0740 code

Love Foxwell NT301. Always connect and disconnect with the car keys in your pocket of purse. Once you learn which side of the connector goes on put a piece of tape on the top and you won’t ever have to even see the cars connector. This will point you in the right direction to solve your MIL lamp issues and your I/M issues before you take a car in for inspection. Now bear in mind you can get a MIL code which is caused by a failure of maintenance like I did. I got P0740 code (torque converter clutch solenoid) which was “SET” by the computer but was not the real problem. A quart of ATF +4 Chrysler fluid fixed it and the the transmission began to function like a new automobile. I took my time at a “covered” self serve gas station, used their paper towels , and had a bottle of ATF+4 (For Chrysler cars and trucks only by the way), my .99cent funnel from walmart and propped my hood open and followed the directions for checking fluid level in the Transmission. Happened to be running and in neutral. Naturally I pushed the parking brake “ON” while I did these checks. It took a half quart but never showed on the dip stick, so I put the rest of the quart in and it showed on the dip stick. I got back in the vehicle and moved through Park, reverse, drive , drive 2 and drive low and finally back to neutral and got a good level reading on the dip stick. I then took it for a ride. The trans functioned perfectly . The MIL light remained on for three on-off cycles. I normally would have let it stay on since if the fault is fixed the MIL light will go out on its own as the cars computer learns that the problem no longer exists. But I chose to clear the code using this tool and the light never came back on. This tool saved me a pan gasket, filter, two quarts (correction one quart of ATF fluid) a torque converter clutch solenoid switch, draining fluid in this weather, cleaning up a mess, getting my torque wrenches out, blue paper towels, and cardboard and lying on the ground in frigid weather in the Northeast.


Foxwell NT301 Review 7: has no issue to connect Nissan Maxima

The function I was most impressed to see was the data logging feature and the ability to record and review logs. You can also print stored codes from the unit. I’ve tried this on several different cars already and so far it has worked flawlessly. It far out performs Actron and various other parts store scanners I have used.

I have a Nissan Maxima that my Snap on scanner requires a Nissan specific keychip in the plug and the Foxwell scanner had no issues connecting to. I compared data feeds between the NT301 and my Modus and they were identical so I have no problem relying on this to be accurate.

If you do home or even professional wrench turning I would highly recommend this unit.


Foxwell NT301 Review 10: Chevy Malibu 2013 has P0010 and P0011

The OBD2 scanner works just fine, chevy Malibu 2013 has P0010 and P0011. I fixed my car replaced both vvt solenoids and erase the codes and i was good to go.

Foxwell NT301 Reviews: Best OBD2 Scanner for Home Repair

Foxwell NT301 Reviews: Best OBD2 Scanner for Home Repair

Foxwell NT301 Reviews: Best OBD2 Scanner for Home Repair


Foxwell NT301 Review 8: works on my 2006 GMC Yukon

This really surprised me. I didn’t think this would work on my 2006 GMC Yukon. I have a small leak somewhere, the usual cause is a bad gas cap. But, I replaced the cap and still get this check engine light every so often. I am not going to spend the money to diagnosis and fix this until sometime in the future. But, with Foxwell NT301 I can check for any other issue that may be causing the check engine light to come on and then reset the code when I am sure it is just the ‘gas cap’ issue popping up again. I have other cars I can use this with to get the codes whenever I have a check engine light in the future.


Foxwell NT301 Review 9: reset check engine light on for one 12yr old vehicle

Recently had a check engine light appear on a 12yr old vehicle. It was intermittent so I had a local parts store read it for me. It went away and I didn’t think anything of it. Weeks passed and it started again – this time it didn’t go away. Knowing I would be doing more repair and testing on my own I decided to get a OBDII tester and after a bit of research and review, settled on the Foxwell NT301. I was not disappointed. After repairing my first issue I was able to clear the error and view the I/M Readiness monitors to see when all systems came back online. Unfortunately a cascade of other issues arose – as often occurs with repairs uncovering peripheral issues – and the NT301 was able to guide me accurately through troubleshooting, identification, and repair. I’m certain that with this scanner I was able to easily save $700+ in repair charges by isolating the failed components and repairing/replacing them myself.

Foxwell NT301 Reviews: Best OBD2 Scanner for Home Repair

Foxwell NT301 Reviews: Best OBD2 Scanner for Home Repair

Foxwell NT301 Reviews: Best OBD2 Scanner for Home Repair


Foxwell NT301 Review 10: read the generic codes on my Saab

Great unit. It read the generic codes on my Saab, and it was easy to see and print out. In Utah you need an emissions test in the more populated counties, and the emissions feature is great. Easy to see when so the systems are ready, I also like that it shows when codes are pending and close to illumination the CEL.

I did sick one start because the disk with the software that came with the unit wouldn’t upgrade it. I went to the Foxwell website and downloaded the latest version and was able to update the unit from that software. The software isn’t the most intuitive, but if you use it for a little bit you can generally figure it out. Overall I’m happy with my unit and would recommend it.

To be continued…

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