Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner DIY Diagnostic and coding

I recently investigated a Foxwell NT500 VAG scanner for my Audi B7 A4 2008. I’m tired of lugging my laptop out to the cars to use VC*S and other PC-based systems, and Torque app & ELM327 Bluetooth adapter doesn’t have this functionality.
The Foxwell makes good diagnostic scanners as AUTEL. I think the difference is that Foxwell scanner is subdivided to different regions and car brands. It will scan and read diagnostic codes for any OBDII auto, but does not have the extended editing capabilities for all.
The Foxwell NT500 scanner I bought from at €155.00 and well packed in a small bag.
Packing including:
Foxwell nt500 main unit
A USB cable
A main test cable
A mini software CD
Manual book
A carry bag
It seems very comprehensive.
It runs off power from the diagnostic port but it is able to power up with the key off. At that point you can navigate through model selection.
I did some investigation before buying the device and found that the Foxwell NT500 scan tool appears to be capable of almost all functions (coding, adjusting headlights, taillight brightness, key fob tricks, system diagnostics, etc.) that a Ross-Tech cable does.  And it has the capacity to update software via SD card. Thought there is little document on update part.
The adaptation functions covers documented and undocumented settings. The documented settings gives an explanation of the parameter and suggested values.
I first disabled the seat belt chime under “Adaptation” function item.
Image saved:
Foxwell-NT500-VAG-scanner-1 Foxwell-NT500-VAG-scanner-2 Foxwell-NT500-VAG-scanner-3 Foxwell-NT500-VAG-scanner-4
NT500 gives a very clear explanation to fault codes
Foxwell-NT500-VAG-scanner-5 Foxwell-NT500-VAG-scanner-6
Enter the new code using keyboard feature
I had to edit all of the other values and set them to their current values otherwise it says “Coding Not Complete”:
Coding completed
Foxwell-NT500-VAG-scanner-9 Foxwell-NT500-VAG-scanner-8
NT500 code scanner will log data and you can view live graphs while recording, see pictures below:
Playback is a little less exciting. You can open saved logs and read through them one frame at a time, but there is no graphing. I have located the files that get stored on the SD card and I am planning on making a utility to translate them to a format to import into Excel:
It also shows actual vs requested values, like boost pressure
From the Saved data… Engine speed is 3840RPM. Looks right for APR Stage 1:
I believe it is faster for live data and graph view, but is slower for saving. It may also be limited to 256 samples.
It will do radio coding as well. There is a Radio coding section
I didn’t see coding option under Digital Radio item, but I found there is other 56: Radio option.
In here there are options for Coding and Adaptation:
There does not seem to be any documented codes, but if you are aware of what you need to do, it is available:

Foxwell-NT500-VAG-scanner-21FYI… When you access the Radio systems, the radio screen looks like this (if you have a radio like mine, anyway):


Also, it’s a good idea to mute the radio when you do this or it may scare the tar out of you when it resets.
Foxwell NT500 OBD2 scanner brings many other functions that I do not want to list one by one here. In a nutshell, money was well spent!!!