Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner,Good or Bad?

Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner,Good or Bad?

Foxwell NT500 is professional VAG scanner, support VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda sold worldwide from 1996.
NT500 Support UDS protocol.
NT500 Compatible with global OBDII/EOBD cars, SUVs, minivans,light-duty trucks.

Here’s Foxwell NT500 VAG  Scanner Review.
1.Q:I own an Audi A5 Registration: FL12 UFW. I lost fluid in my break reservoir and tired to bleed the breaks only to find I’ve got a soft pedal. I believe air is trapped in the EBS valve, will your scanner, named above, cycle my EBS pump.
A:YES,NT500 support cycle your EBS Pump.

2.It does everything i need it to do at the moment. I actually work for Volkswagen, I do all the really complicated stuff with our diagnostic equipment. With the quick stuff, well, it’s actually quicker than our diagnostic computer. It’s all good.
–by Aaron

3.Excellent tool, NT500 meets all my need, really good for my car 2008 VW Touareg V6 TDI,recommend! thanks for your serivce!
— by Richard

what if i told you i had a picaso ?
I need a scanner that code the injectors on the vw caddy can you advise?
A:You can check NT500 for VW vehicle, detail i need check with engineer.

5.Q:I have a 2015 vw golf mk 7 tdi. ea288 Is this scanner capable of activating the lift fuel pump in the tank?
A:Yes, can do that function.

6.Q:I have to change the AT fluid and want to know if the NT500 will measure the temperature that is listed under Ross-Tech Control module/ 02 Auto trans control module/measuring block 8 (transmission fluid temp). This is their roadmap. You may be different.
A:Yes, it can measure the temperature of the ATF.

7.Only used this reader once and did not have any problem, so I can not say much about it. It did seem pretty easy to use.
–by Luken

8.Used the first time in my 2012 skoda and found the problem. Very easy to use nice little code reader.
–by Lexis

9.I’m an Audi tech and was amazed at all it can do for the price.
—  by Kuckunniwi

10.It’s definitely handy for keeping plugged in and data logging too. You can just keep it in your lap. Or what I found even easier was to run the cable over the steering column and away from the pedals and just set it in the passenger seat. There’s plenty of cable length!
–by Manco

11. I really like that it offers so many real time measuring blocks. I mean I could check just about everything. Live ignition timing, misfire counters, throttle position, coolant inlet/outlet temp, Injector duty, wastegate/N75 duty, Exhaust temp.. just to list a few.
–by Maiele

12.It’s really quick to plug in and retrieve information. I keep it handy and plug it in whenever I’m interested in something. Like you said, it’s very easy just to pull over, plug it in, start logging, and stick it in the door pocket.
— by Istaqa

13.I’ve done a little successful coding with things such as turning off automatic door locking.good!!
–by Zulekha

14.these foxwell units are great little gadgets! They have a lot of the same capabilities as VCDS. I haven’t gotten to explore all of the functions yet, but I will say if you are in the market for a scan tool this is by far the best one out there.
— by Rayvon

15.Just bought the Foxwell tool from foxwellshop and used it on my new B7 for the seat belt chime and it worked like a charm. Nice not having to get a laptop every time I want to check something out
— by Motavato

16.I had use it to check engine light on my Toyota Camry 2001. I did a little research and found out that a computer scanner called an OBD II can be used as a diagnostic tool for most cars on the road
— by Charsian

17.Works well and it is very simple – once you get through the confusing instruction booklet. An OBD scanner should be the first tool for the home mechanic.
–by Braylin

18.Q:Hi I have been received the package it looks good,and i have some questions
Does it show show actual vs requested values? Like say for boost?
A:Here are some screen shots

From the Saved data… Engine speed is 3840RPM. Looks right for APR Stage 1

Not sure if the sample rate is different than VCDS. I haven’t looked to see if it can be changed depending on the channel. I believe it is faster for live data and graph view, but is slower for saving. It may also be limited to 256 samples.

19.Q:It does logging also? What can’t it do compared to VDCS?
A:It does log data and you can view live graphs while recording,I do not know all that VCDS can do, but the more I find, the less the gap seems to be.

20.Awesome, I really recommend this to everyone. It saves you money and when used with your specific car repair manual you can be your own mechanic and do it yourself!!!
–by Chevy

21.It will scan and read diagnostic codes for any OBDII auto, but does not have the extended editing capabilities for all.
— by Lysergik
22.I just received mine today. Seems very comprehensive
I was able to scan my airbag codes and figure out my problem. You can save scan info to the provided SD card. I was able to then search the Web for some further explanation and some DIY help.
In short, it appears to do what it says quite well.
— by cpaugh
23.One use and it’s paid for when compared to the hassle and expense of taking the car to the shop. Also prevents fraud since you can tell the shop what is wrong.
–by Brittany
24.Easy to use, fast, and accurate. Still use this thing when the occasion pops up where I need it. Great tool.
—  by Paul
25.i can’t believe how simplistic this device is compared to the high end scanners and it just works.
fast deliver!!! very very good !!!
–by Juana
26.Good!!!!No need to go to Auto zone any longer for diagnostic testing on my vehicle.
–by Acelynn
27.I just to find them simple and correct,that’s all I need.This is a straightforward tool that gets the job done
–by Hashim
28. works great read the codes so i could fix the problem ,,unlike others where they give all kinds of bullSh……
–by Malcolm
29.It’s really good. It does everything i need it to do at the moment. I actually work for Volkswagen, I do all the really complicated stuff with our diagnostic equipment. With the quick stuff, well, it’s actually quicker than our diagnostic computer. It’s all good.
–by Richard
30.Excellent Item, would use again !
–by Mr.Dizdar
31.Quick delivery and original product. Very pleased!
— by Mr.Ricardo
32.Good website ,good after service ,happy to buy from the Foxwellshop
–by Mr.Magdy