Foxwell NT644 VS Foxwell NT510 on BMW and other vehicles

One customer emailed to Emilia working at questioning:

I have BMW and was wondering if the Foxwell nt644 has all the functions as the nt510 because I would like to use it on other vehicles..


Emilia replied after confirmed with engineer:

  1. In vehicle coverage:

Foxwell NT510: has one free car brand and would cost 70USD for one additional software, you are able to add up to 5 brand. The optional brands incl. Chrysler GM Honda, Accura Hyundai, Kia Toyota, Lexus, Sicon Land Rover, Jaguar OPEL, Vauxhall VW, AUDI, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Fiat ,American Ford, Mazda, Maserati ,Ferrari, Aston Martin, Volvo, Porsche.

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  • These BMW models are testable by Foxwelltech:

Coverage correct as of November 27th 2015.

Models must have 16-pin diagnostic connector.



1 Series (E81, E82, E87, E88, F20)

2 Series (F22)

3 Series (E30, E36, E46, E90, E91, E92, E93, F30, F31, F34, F35)

4 Series (F32, F33)

5 Series (E28, E34, E39, E60, E61, F07, F10, F11, F18)

6 Series (E24, E63, E64, F06, F12, F13)

7 Series (E23, E32, E38, E65, E66, E68, F01, F02, F04)

8 Series (E31)

I Series (I01, I12)

X1 (E84)

X3 (E83, F25)

X4 (F26)

X5 (E53, E70, F15)

X6 (E71, E72)

Z3 (E39, E36)

Z4 (E85, E86, E89)

Z8 (E52)



One / Cooper (R50, R52, R53, R56, R57, F56)

Coupe / Roadster (R58, R59)

Clubman (R55)

Countryman (R60)



(RR1, RR2, RR3, RR4, RR5)


  1. In functions:

Foxwell NT510 all system + all function(same function as GT80 series):

Works: You can use NT510 to do OBDII diagnosis as well as special function incl. coding, register new battery, DPF regeneration, ABS, TPS, EPB, oil reset tool, abs bleeding, actuation of the abs pump, SAS and Bi-directional control tests, throttle body alignment etc.


Foxwell NT644: cover all system+ all brands

Works: diagnosis on 2 sysetem (ABS and Airbags), 4 systems (Engine, ABS, Airbags, Gearbox) or all systems, also EOBD engine management, live sensor data, reset service light, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) service.

Not works: Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) functions, car battery configuration, SAS and Bi-directional control tests

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Foxwell NT644 pro: = Foxwell NT644 function + DPF + TBA/TPS+BRT

Foxwell NT644 pro has a wide vehicle coverage including BMW as you can see in the below table, all of above-mentioned functions are testable on BMW.

Foxwell NT644 VS Foxwell NT510 on BMW and other vehicles

  1. Price

Foxwell NT510: $155

Foxwell NT644: $395

Foxwell NT644 pro: $520

Foxwell NT644 update to Foxwell NT644 pro: $120


  1. Update:

Free update lifetime for both.


  1. one year Warranty for both.


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