Review on Foxwell NT301 Code Reader

This blog describes my experience with foxwell NT301 code reader for all OBDII/EOBD cars. Hope to help people who has intention to buy and use it.

I’m Kevin from Leeds, England and I own a mechanical repair business. I bought a new code reader tool foxwell NT301 on to read and clear fault code much quicker than my old snap-on-scan tool before.

NT301 just cost me US$79.00 thanks to sale promotion online. With 3 days delivery by DHL, the well package arrived including a foxwell NT301 code reader, a user guide, a USB cable and a software CD.


The customer service sent me a user manual online for me reading at any time possible on computer or phone.

Followed the manual, I went to the foxwell website to download NT301 pc installation and quick install. I had already used the tool to read codes of 2014 Hyundai Veloster successfully. The operation was much easier than other tools I used before.

I had two ways to read code using NT301.

The first one was to press the Read hot key.



The second one was to select read codes for the diagnostic menu.


Maybe for some new users, there would be some problems in the update procedure. This was my operation.

First, plug the USB cable into the USB port on computer, and connect the other side into the foxwell NT301 scan tool.


Second, open NT Wonder on the CP desktop. Device connected. Press&hold the HELP key for 5s to enter the update mode.


Finally, select update online in the NT wonder. The update proceed is over


To be honest, the NT301 is really a quick code reader. I’m satisfied with it general.By the way this product i find in