Foxwell GT60 Plus Review 2021: professional car scanning tool

Usually people can get some information from the reviews, read the reviews about Foxwell GT60 Plus, maybe you can know which car models it can work on.


Foxwell GT60 Plus Pros:

  1. Foxwell GT60 Plus Premier Diagnostic Platform is very good, however is little hard to use for a DIY. in some particular cars like GM, the tool ask for some questions that only dealer knows like radio type, chasis type, etc, and it make it harder to help friends with their check engine light. In my case, I called the dealer and they provide me the information required, once I selected on the scanner, It was accurate and very helpful.


  1. Using to scan any cars, trucks or suvs. Over all, this scanner still pretty good.


  1. Will activate compressor on air ride system. 2002 Cadillac Escalade to test the compressor.


  1. Does the forced regeneration of the DPF in a BMW F30 325d from Nov 2016.


  1. Relearn crankshaft sensors


  1. Maintaining software can perform bi-directional test while the diagnostic software cannot.


7.GT60 Plus will scan regular transmission


  1. GT60 Plus Can perform injector kill test for Porsche (Coverage)


  1. GT60 plus can reset the oil change light for 2015 Lamborghini Huracan (Please provide VIN to the dealer before confirming that).


  1. abs bleeding Audi a5: yes


  1. 2016 bmw 335d drive, 2016 bmw 335d drive, GT60 Plus yes


  1. A2008 Range Rover full size 4.4 jag engine. a 2008 Range Rover full size 4.4 jag engine with GT60 Plus Yes.


  1. 2008 Range Rover full size, re-calibrate air suspension after replacing height sensor with GT60 Plus Yes.


  1. transmission relearn process and also see actually and desired transmission pressure, 2009 dodge 3500 diesel with GT60 plus yes.


  1. 08-2011 BMW M3’s code a new battery
    2008 BMW 135i code injectors and new battery

GT60 Plus yes.


  1. Can diagnose the air conditioning system of a vehicle.


  1. Available with multi-language: Korea, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Thai, Hungarian, Swedish, English, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian. The seller will ask you provide the S/N and they will change it for you.


  1. Can update online.


Watch videos:

  1. FOXWELL GT60 Plus Unboxing

When opening the product good case. Tablet pack feels durable and well belt. Good thick cable feels well insulated. Alright, it will show what it contains in the package, what they can do in the following video:

  1. FOXWELL GT60 Plus Software Display

Including function menu, car models

Foxwell GT60 Plus Cons:

  1. Something Foxwell GT60 Plus didn’t help much is the KEY IMMO, it couldn’t program a key on my 2015 Silverado, but it sure did on the 2013 traverse. so beside the propaganda they do on key immo, dont believe that. cause its not capable of it. if it wasn’t capable on a 15 Silverado, definitely it won’t in a newer model.


  1. Cannot perform many Chinese vehicles. GT60 plus mainly for US and EU and Japanese vehicles currently.


  1. odometer correction after instrument replacement , car : Audi A1 2018, not work, need online guide function.


To be updating…


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