Foxwell GT80 Mini Read DTCs of Ford Focus 2013

This is the first on-board test of Foxwell GT80 MINI WIN10 diagnostic scanner.



Foxwell GT80 MINI OBDII Bluetooth tablet Diagnostic Tool

Test Vehicle model and year:

Ford Focus 2013

Connect GT80 MINI with vehicle, switch ignition on and power up GT80 MINI

Then click “Diagnostic” option on the main menu


Choose vehicle make: USA Ford


Automatic selection


Gt80 mini is communicating to vehicle, wait…

For a while, GT80 MINI will show you vehicle specification, check it and go next step


Choose “Auto scan” and wait…


Foxwell GT80 MINI Scanner will retrieve all fault codes automatically

Foxwell-GT80-Mini-Read-DTC-Ford-Focus-2013-6 Foxwell-GT80-Mini-Read-DTC-Ford-Focus-2013-7

You can see from the picture there has fault codes stored in ABS module, so click the ABS module and choose “Read codes”


The fault code was displayed on the screen


Go back to function menu and click “Erase codes” and follow the prompt to erase all codes.

Go back to “Select An Option” menu, choose “Control Unit”


Then the list is supported module, you can choose one of them and read/erase fault codes, read live data


GT80 MINI IS Very easy to use with, just need to follow the prompts as well as waiting for a little while, then you can clear all the stored DTCs forever!