Foxwell gt80 mini +smart tracer+hantek diagnostic ECM

I take this job to show more of the foxwell gt80 mini and diagosticos of modular modules

We can all work on what we want and become experts and skilled
But I insist on not practicing in real jobs!!

I wish the person who dumped this ecu watch the video!!!

Foxwell gt80 mini +smart tracer+hantek diagnostic ECM


Simple video, where we show the thermal effects in semiconductors (the ecu in which we work arrived in our workshop and we are trying to rescue data, the process was successful and the data was the only thing we could rescue from this work so badly done in workshops not specialized)


Some problems with combustion in this little one (for two 450) with its 600 cc the smallest detail really feels, there is an intermittent loss of power and we have a lambda factor a little away from 1 intermittently, in addition to erratic activity in oxygen sensor
Zero fault codes !!
We are going to do some testing and maintenance
then Reset to the lambda sensor adapters !!! (Special function for this car)
Foxwell gt 80 mini continues to fight!



Foxwell GT80 Mini is the mini version of Foxwell GT80 Plus, They are the same in functions, update, vehicle coverage etc, the difference are:

Differences Foxwell GT80 Mini Foxwell GT80 Plus
Operation system windows 10 Pro Windows 8.1 Pro
Built-in camera 5 megapixels camera 4 megapixels camera


LED Capacitive touch screen 10.1″ 8″
Battery 7000mAh 5700mAh


If you want to have a more comfortable experience, advice you go for Foxwell GT80 Plus like

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