Using Foxwell GT80 scanner clear DTCS for Land Rover L538

Wow, first time to experience such brilliant diagnosis!! Drove my car (Land Rover L538 Evoque) to my bro’s repairing shop and happened to his using newly-received scanner Foxwell GT80 (great for its Windows system and high resolution). Curious about this and tried on my car to have a try 😀


My model: Land Rover L538 Evoque 2012

Engine: DW12-22 diesel with cCPF (high power)


First time to use it, so my bro helped to connect Foxwell GT80 tablet to the car

Connection success

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (2)

And here are some photos i took in the process

GT80 tablet main interface

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (3)

Select Diagnosis-> Land Rover

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (4)

Select the manufacturer

Press Read button to start reading the Vehicle Specification or VIN Code automatically

VIN number displays

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (5)

Press the tick button if the VIN is correct

Vehicle info

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (6)

Establishing vehicle communication…

Press Auto scan

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (7)

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (8)

Auto scan 100%

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (9)

Press ABS – ABS control module-> ECU information

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (10)

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (11)

Back to diagnostic function interface to Read codes

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (12)

Back to Erase codes

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (13)

Make sure that ignition on and engine off

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (14)

Confirm to clear DTCs

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (15)

Clear done!

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (16)

Back for Live data

Press All data

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (17)

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (18)

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (19)

Then clear codes of other systems with the same steps as above

All faults are cleared!

Foxwell-GT80-for-Land-Rover-L538 (20)


Good! Feel like a professional repairing man.

If only it would be smaller and cheaper!


Thanks Konainggyi Ko for his kindness for this review