How to UPDATE Foxwell GT80 PLUS multi-system scanner? NETWORK ERROR solution

Post refers to Foxwell GT80 PLUS multi-system scanner update, user manual guide.



In November 2016 I bought from you The Foxwell GT80 Plus, Serial Number

N80001G0xxxxx…What can I do to update it… I think never register the product.


Foxwell GT80 PLUS update guide:

You can register the GT80 plus on official website: by following the update guide on the user manual (Page 55-70).



I tried to follow your instructions but I can’t did it, because I receive a message from my scanner “NETWORK ERROR”…

I already have my order serial number FW161004xxxxx, my Foxwell ID and password xxx and the serial number from the product GT80 plus N80001Gxxxxxx and product password xxxxxx…. I really need to update it but cant do like the user manual says.



please download a repair program from this site: