How to use Foxwell i70pro /i70 to diagnose Mercedes Benz?(Lots images)

Here shows how to use Foxwell i70pro & Foxwell i70 to diagnose Mercedes Benz models in step by step.

FYI, Foxwell i70pro & Foxwell i70 have the same operation interface.


This is the main menu.


Tap “Diagnostic” and you can see the vehicle coverage incl. America, Asia, Europe, China etc.

Under “Europe” and you will see “Benz”.


Benz -> car model -> E(211)-> up to 05/2005-> Left-hand steering-> Sedan-> 211.087 E 350 4Matic -> 211.070 main groups-> 211.070 Control unit groups -> 211.070 Drive -> Function Menu-> ECU information-> Read codes- Erase codes.


Actual values -> Check engine at cold start and in warming-up phase.


Active test.


Special function – Correction programming.


FYI, before updating Foxwell i70pro or Foxwell i70, you need to register and log in.

That’s all.