Perform Bi-directional control tests, Foxwell tools recommendation

To perform bi-directional control tests, these foxwell tools are highly recommended : Foxwell NT510, Foxwell NT500, Foxwell NT630, Foxwell GT80 plus, Foxwell GT80 and GT80 mini.

Optional Foxwell tools

  1. Foxwell NT510 can perform bi-directional component actuations and module coding.
  1. Foxwell NT500 – can bi-directional control tests on VAG models
  1. Foxwell NT630 – performs bi-directional control tests such as ABS motor test, actuator test and so much more.
  1. Foxwell GT80 plus – Auto reset is a bi-directional communication procedure directed by the service tool. The service tool displays guides for you through the process.
  2. Foxwell GT80
  3. Foxwell GT80 mini

How does GT80 plus perform bi-directional control tests on Greatwall Steed 2Ltr. Diesel (Euro 4)


Take foxwell NT500 and Foxwell NT510 explanation and procedure for example:

NT510 allows you to use the scan tool temporarily activate or control a vehicle system or component. With NT510, the check of electronic components such as switches, sensors, relays, & actuators is made a simple task. It allows you to recalibrate, adapt or configure certain components after making repairs or replacement. It gives you the ability to ‘flash’ a control unit with new program data. Provided that a module can be re-coded, the device allows for the coding and programming of a replacement control module or changing previously stored incorrect coding as expensive factory tools do. In addition, it lets you recode the transponder in a

Mechanical key or key fob. When a key for a modern vehicle is replaced, the new unit will often turn the mechanical switch but fail to initialize the system or start the vehicle. If this occurs, it is

typically because the transponder inside the key has not been coded to that particular system.

1 Active Tests

Active Tests, also known as Actuator Tests, are bi-directional diagnostic tests on vehicle systems and component. The tests let you to use the scanner temporarily activate or control a vehicle system or component, and when you exit the test, the system/component returns to normal operation.

Some tests display a command to the operator. For example, if “Press Brake Pedal” displays, the

operator has to press and hold the brake pedal and then continue. The sequence, number and type of tests are dictated by the control module.

On some systems, the actuator tests cannot be restarted until the ignition key is switched off for

some time. Alternatively, briefly start and run the engine, shut down, turn the ignition to the run

position, then re-initiate the actuator tests.

IMPORTANT: The tests activate a component, but they do not check if the component is working correctly. Make sure the components to be tested are in good condition and correctly mounted.

NOTE:  Available tests depend on the control module under test and the vehicle itself.

To start a test:

  • Select Active Tests from Function Menu and press the ENTER key.   nt510-multi-system-scanner-manual_en_v1
  • Select the test you would like to perform and press the ENTER Follow on-screen Instructions to make proper selections and operations to complete the tests                                            nt510-multi-system-scanner-manual_en_v1-02


  • Before running any tests, always observe the safety instructions provided in this manual and the warnings provided by the vehicle manufacturer. In addition, follow any warnings and descriptions provided on the scanner screens.
  • Never run the tests while the vehicle is moving.

2 Adaptations

Adaptation menu let you change adaptation values from the control module and allows you to

alter certain values and/or settings in control modules that support it.

You should refer to the Service Manual for your particular car before attempting to use the Adaptation function.

To set an adaptation:

  • Select Adaptation from Function Menu and press the ENTER key.adaption-03
  • Follow on-screen instructions to make proper selections and operations to complete the tests.adaption-04
  • To exit the test, press BACK
  • Coding and Programming

NT510 allows for the coding and programing of a replacement control module or changing

previously stored incorrect coding.

Coding also known as Teach-in Program or Component Adaptation. It is the process of selecting

and activating one program for a specific vehicle from a set of programs that the factory installed

in the control module. This allows one control module to be used for different models, countries,

and emission applications.

Programming is the process of taking a blank control module and then adding the correct vehicle

  • Program to memory.