Picking a scan/reset/program tool for Porsche BMW Subaru Lexus Volvo

I am having trouble selecting a scan/reset/program tool between Foxwell NT530 and Foxwell NT680.

Cars in collection: (USA versions)
2012 Porsche Cayman R
2007 BMW X3
2005 BMW 330ciC
2005 Subaru Outback
2004 Lexus LX470
2004 Volvo V70R
2002 Mini Cooper S

I am trying to understand the functionality differences between the NT530 and NT680 series tools?

The NT680 appears to say “all cars” does that mean no individual software subscriptions like with the NT530? If so is the 680 simply a NT530 platform and with all cars?

If no individual subscriptions does that mean the NT680 series tools needs an active internet connection each time you plug into a car?

I don’t think I need all the cars in my collection to be available in the tool to start but the download options in the NT530 sounds attractive if the NT530 has all the functionality of the NT680.


Foxwelltool.com reply:

Advice you pick one Foxwell GT60 Plus to scan and reset these cars, which covers all car models.

What a pity is Foxwell GT60 Plus can’t program these cars, advice to use Autel MaxiSYS® 908 Pro (about 2300USD).