How to use Foxwell GT80 diagnostics for Oil Light Reset

Here, you will be guided to reset oil light using Foxwell GT80 diagnostic platform; that is, this scanner will allow you to reset the service lamps. The Service Indicator System is designed to alert the driver when the vehicle is due for a service.


Oil service reset methods are determined by the vehicle being tested.

Depending on the vehicle being tested, any of the following means displays:

  • Oil Reset With One Button
  • Manual Reset
  • Auto Reset


– Oil Reset with one button

Oil Reset With One Button is applicable to GM models only. It offers quick

and simple oil service reset with the click of one button.


To do Oil Reset With One Button on a year 2010 Chevrolet passenger car


1.Scroll with up and down arrow keys to highlight Oil Life Reset from the

Engine Control Module menu. An Information screen displays. Press the

function key OK to continue or Cancel key to return

How to use Foxwell GT80 diagnostics for Oil Light Reset

2.Follow on-screen instruction and send a command to reset oil service. A

screen with “Success” message displays once the lamp has been reset.

Press any key to return.

How to use Foxwell GT80 diagnostics for Oil Light Reset


– Manual Reset with Foxwell GT80

Almost all Asian vehicles and most American and European vehicles have

mechanical oil service indicator reset. The service tool does not have to

communicate with the vehicle being tested, but guides you to complete the

service manually by providing step-by-step on-screen instructions.

When Manual Reset is selected and the vehicle being tested identified, a

procedure opens on the screen. Scroll with arrow keys to read the entire

procedure and performing the necessary steps as directed by the on-screen

instructions. The exact order of the test operation steps may vary depending

on the test vehicle. Be sure to follow all on-screen instructions.

This manual reset procedure can be interrupted and aborted if the ignition

key position is changed.

How to do oil reset manually:

1.Enter vehicle information by certain VIN characters, such as model, and

year to identify the vehicle being tested and press OK key to confirm.

Select Engine Control Module and follow the on-screen menu to select Oil

Life Reset.

How to use Foxwell GT80 diagnostics for Oil Light Reset

2.When Oil Life Reset is selected, a procedure screen displays.

How to use Foxwell GT80 diagnostics for Oil Light Reset

3.Follow all on-screen instructions to perform the manual mechanical reset.

4.Press OK key to return.


– Auto Reset via GT80 scanner

Auto Reset is a bi-directional communication procedure directed by the

service tool. The service tool displays guides for you through the process. A

number of instructions that require a response to continue display, including

an option to clear any stored codes once the interval has been reset.