2001 Jaguar XK8 ABS Module Removal with the help of Foxwell NT510

As the title suggest, ABS Module Removal on 2001 Jaguar XK8 succeed with the help proffessionals and the Foxwell NT510 scanner.


Here we go!

(The below paragraphs are taken from jaguarforums.com, wrote by djpxk8.)

I am in the process of trying to remove the ABS control module out of my 2001 XK8 and I am having a problem.


I am following the following instructions from : JagRepair.com – Jaguar Repair Information Resource


I have removed the 4 x 10m bolts holding the bottom bracket and I am now trying to undo the 4 very small bolts holding the control module onto the Aluminium block. The instructions show and quote a 5/32 socket, but I tried that and its too big, the bolts look like they have a “Star” or “Torx” shape,( see my picture attached )


Does anyone know what type of socket I need to remove these small bolts?


Also, looking at the pictures in Jagrepair.com I cannot see a way of sliding out the control box, especially with those large “pins” sticking out of the Aluminium box?


How much “give” is in the what look like plastic pipes which “encase” the module?


What happens if I have to remove the plastic pipes to remove the module?

Will there be a problem when I reconnect those pipes?




Good suggest:

The tool is called an E5 Torx socket.


The steel brake lines can be bent as long as you maintain a large bend radius (no kinking the lines) and drop the module downward and then sideways and OUT.


Rebend the lines back into place and reinstall mounting hardware.




I now have all 4 of the small E5 torx screws out.


I still do not see how I can bend those steel pipes enough to get the ABS module out. As you can see in the attached pictures, I can move the module out about 1/4inch only and the pipes are Very Rigid and will not bend!


Can I undo the 4 nuts holding the pipes onto the Aluminium Block or will this cause all sorts of problems?



Good suggest:

You need to remove the 3 T25 Torx Bolts from the hydraulic valve block.

Circled in RED.


Then you can tilt the module down, bend the lines and slide the module out.



-> This was the hardest job I have ever done getting this module out. I took out the 3 torx bolts, then I used a “small Jimmy” to prize open and move around the steel pipes, I was so worried I would break one but the module eventually came out.


I did damage a couple of the pins inside the socket but I believe I can straighten them with a pair of needle nose pliers.


Also, to make it easier to replace I took out the bracket underneath the module see attached picture. This bracket has a “flange” sticking up at the bottom which made it really hard to press the module Down and out.


Will open up the module tomorrow and solder the power connections and hope the TRAC NOT AVAILABLE yellow light goes away. I will let you know the progress.



-> cannot believe its all back together, soldered the power input joints, and it ALL WORKS!!!


No yellow light, no TRAC not available.


Just wanted to post the before and after pictures of the power terminals on the PCB for the ABS module.


-> Just when I thought everything was OK.


I took the XK8 for a run around the block to make sure the yellow error light did not come back on,,,it did not!


I plugged in my Foxwell NT510 reader and everything went well until I got to the TCM area and it gave me a P1799 code,,,is this code really important since no yellow error light comes up…I would like to bury my head in the sand and ignore it…Is that OK?



Source: http://www.foxwelltool.com/wholesale/nt510-multi-system-scanner-with-one-fre-car-brand-software-and-obd.html


-> what can I say!!!!!!


Cleared the code, drove around the block, checked with scanner, Everything OK!!!


Thank you so much, I have now hidden the Foxwell NT510 scanner…until I get an error light on the dash.