2009 Maserati GT turn off check engine light (using Foxwell NT530)

Car model and year: 2009 Maserati GranTurismo (GT)


Symptom: check engine light on, don’t have a green service light. I have a yellow check engine light.

I’ve checked everything out under the hood along with all fluids.
Everything looks fine and runs fine. I also tightened the fuel cap just to be sure.
Light is still on.

Which Maserati scanner can turn off 2009 GT check engine light?

I have researched quite a bit about small handheld devices that could reads a day clears codes for the GT there aren’t many except for those expensive units. While all regular OBDII will reads and clears engine codes (Check Engine Light). Many cases that reads other codes such as ABS, SRS, EPB, Light Con troll ECU, etc, etc.


I end up bought the Foxwell NT530 (same as Foxwell NT510 Elite) for the GT specifically. It does reads codes for multiple systems in the GT. Surprisingly. I found that some units advertised as it could read all Maserati cars reality is not. The GT computers are different except for the Engine Code, which is standard with all cars in America from what I understand.

2009 Maserati GT turn off check engine light (using Foxwell NT530)

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