2010 BMW X5 wouldn’t start intermittently solution

2010 BMW X5 wouldn’t start after I turned it off intermittently.It was giving me the message “Ignition Switched On”. After letting it sit for 20-30 minute, the car started right up and drove fine.



Charge or replace the battery with a new charged one, then register the battery.  

I found out just how quickly a failing battery can make things wonky. The intermittent not starting could be a direct result of that. Once you pull your battery and give it a fill charge and test then re-install if it checks out you’ll know it’s not that.


Just spend the $200 and get an AGM battery that’s most likely the battery you have in there. I also have a 2010 and just replaced my battery 2 weeks ago. (going to assume it is the original battery or replacement greater than five years in which case DUDE!!! BUY A NEW BATTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


You “should” register the battery, but pretty easy to do- a single button press.

Most decent euro shops will have a tool… charge about 60 bucks to register the battery to the vehicle. It is a one minute job.


Or buy a scan tool that would register the battery like foxwell NT530 scanner, it will get it done easily and quickly. Read this article: How does Foxwell NT520 register battery on 2003 BMW X5 E53?  (For BMW battery registration, Foxwell NT530 = NT520).

Also doubles as a code reader and resets the CBS like oil, brakes, and filters. Super handy since I’ll be DIY on most everything on this car.


Don’t stress about it- change the battery, then sometime in the next week or two, register it. Some people don’t…cars don’t blow up.


GOOD to KNOW: how to look at the battery and read the date?

Here’s a relatively easy thing to do…how about unlocking your instrument cluster to see what the battery voltage is…especially during the times that it won’t start.

If you are unfamiliar with unlocking the cluster…there are multiple videos on YouTube (for the various generation of BMW instrument clusters) that shows how. Find a video that has the type of cluster you have…all the generational cousins of your model/model year (e70/e60/e65/e63/e90/etc) will have the same instructions and procedures for unlocking the cluster…so any of their videos will work for you.