2019 foxwell tools are registered and upgraded on http://www.foxwelltech.us/

Good to know: Foxwell NT530, NT680 pro, NT680, NT680 Lite, NT650 elite, NT630 plus, GT60 Plus, GT60, NT301, NT204, BT780, BT705, BT100 etc are registered and upgraded on the new official site http://www.foxwelltech.us/, instead of http://www.foxwelltech.com/


Attach one image of new official site homepage.



Take Foxwell NT530 registration and update for example:

Browse http://www.foxwelltech.us/

Put the Mouse on the “Products”

Click on “NT530″

Scroll down the NT530 page and download ” FoxAssistSetup_V1.02.002.rar”.



Important: foxwell NT530 registration won’t need the password.


Step by step procedure on how to Register and Update Foxwell NT530 Scanner:

  1. Watch Youtube video:

  1. Read this article: http://www.foxwellsupport.com/download-register-and-update-foxwell-nt530-scan-tool/


Question: I cannot use foxwell NT530 scanner as there was no software installed.

Answer: just follow the above video or the article to register a member on the official site, download the car software.


If you need BMW software, buy Foxwell NT530 with BMW Software Preloaded (SC283-C1).

foxwwelltech-us-03 foxwwelltech-us-03

For your information:

You ordered one Foxwell NT510 /NT520 BMW, Emillia may ship you a Foxwell NT530 instead, considering Foxwell NT530 can work with BMW F series that nt520 can’t. nt530,nt520, nt510 are all made by foxwell, and NT530 is the best. So it’s not necessary to worry that seller is trying to ship one knockoff product instead.