96 Audi A4 diagnostic tool recommendation – VAGCOM/VCDIS or Foxwell NT510

If you have 96 Audi A4 to access ABS/Air Bag/Instrument Cluster/Etc. To use VAG-COM/VCDIS or Foxwell NT510 VAG scanner tool? Go on reading following parts.

Car model and year:

96 Audi A4


Can access the extended functions… (ABS/Air Bag/Instrument Cluster/Etc.)

Tool options:


Foxwell NT510 vag scanner tool

The reason to use VAG-COM/VCDIS:

I could go VCDS-Lite on a KKL wire… start out for free and then to unlock, locked functions, I spend $99 with Ross-Tech for the license. I do need to buy a KKL wire.

and I would be required to procure a Windows PC/Tablet that I can then use. As far as I can tell, for use with other (newer) Audi/VW I would have to purchase different interface cables.

The reason to use Foxwell NT510 vag scanner tool:

With the Foxwell NT510 vag scanner tool, I should be able to access these systems across a wide range of VW/Audi models, and there would be no need to purchase a Tablet or PC, and it’s lesser cost.

Finally, I have actually decided to buy the Foxwell NT510 Scan tool with VAG models software for free on www.foxwelltool.com at 179USD free shipping. I can’t see the added expenditure for a Laptop/Tablet at this time. Perhaps later on I will invest in VCDS but the Foxwell should do what I need it to do.

Finally working:

When I received, The Foxwell NT510 Scan tool I purchased did exactly what I needed it too. I was able to scan and retrieve codes for my ABS and Airbag systems. Airbag system cleared right away (connected battery while I had the dash out a few years ago) And all is good. Now onto fixing the wheel speed sensor so my car can be code-free for the first time in years.