A full list of what Foxwell NT510 V7.0 can do for BMW E90’s

This is a full list of what the Foxwell NT510 can do for BMW’s. This is the latest version (7.0) when I downloaded. I have gone through it and highlighted all of the E90,E91,E92,E93 items because that is what I have. I may have missed some, but there is a ton of numbers all bunched together and I have not had any coffee and its 630am lol.


feel free to save a copy this is great to have in the nt510 bag!


I have found it easiest to open two windows.. that way you can have the first page with and its column listings and the other window you can scroll and read the rows..

foxwell nt510 bmw e90 application list (V7.0)


Take some highlighted content for example

bmw 3 series-01bmw 3 series-02bmw 3 series-03

Besides more service functions list I’d rather not attach here, just refer to the mega link above.


Credits to the member @335stoner (e90post.com)

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