Answer to an Australian email on Foxwell NT644 price, update and more info

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XXX living in Australia wrote to

My name is XXX.

I am looking for a good quality automotive scanner for a long time .

Foxwell AutoMaster NT644………..$429


I need to know more information about those scanners (price)

  1. I understand that update is $100 per year. Do I have to update every year?
  2. What about if i will decide to update after 5 years. Do I have to pay per missing each year or not?
  3. What about set of other than obd2 standard plaque (connections). Do you sell set of connections as well?

I need as much information as possible and a automotive scanner with max latest automotive diagnostics options.

I would like to mention that I am living in Australia. Do you see any difficulties with updating and/or technical support in the future?

I will wait for technical/professional foxwell response. reply on NT644 update, register, functionalities:

The following are the answers to your questions:

  1. Generally speaking, the update will add the newest car model, it will be necessary if you wish to support newest cars.
  2. The device enjoys 18 months free update after registered. And you don’t have to pay for those years you didn’t update it that means you can enjoy one year update at any time after you pay only the 100USD.
  1. May I know what kind of connection you wish to do? I will ask the factory or engineer if it support.
  1. The functionalities are different from one foxwell scanner to another one, may I know the main function and car model you wish to do so that I can recommend you with the most suitable tool?

1) Foxwell NT644 function: can perform 2 sysetem (ABS and Airbags), 4 systems (Engine, ABS, Airbags, Gearbox) or all systems, and you want this tool to perform EOBD engine management, live sensor data, reset service light, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) service, Foxwell NT644 can’t perform Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) functions, car battery configuration, SAS and Bi-directional control tests (Foxwell NT644 Pro that not supply is able to perform DPF and battery configuration, and Foxwell NT510 support SAS and Bi-directional control tests).

This is a comparison table among NT630, NT414 Pro, Foxwell NT624, NT644 Pro, Foxwell NT644

2) Foxwell GT80 plus will contain all the function and the entire car model, here is the link, you can have a look at it:

Answer to an Australian email on Foxwell NT644 price, update and more info

If you have any questions, please contact us freely.

Best regards!


Here Foxwell NT644 package picture:

Answer to an Australian email on Foxwell NT644 price, update and more info