Benz c204 Body CGW – Central gateway test with Foxwell NT530: Done

Have one Foxwell NT530 OBD2 scanner to diagnose New Benz c204, it can successfully read, clear the trouble codes and read live data after accessing to CGW – Central gateway. Next is Foxwell NT530 Mercedes Benz car list and settings.


Firstly, Foxwell NT530 diagnoses New Benz c204 CGW – Central gateway

  1. Select “Mercedes”.



  1. Select “Maybach”


  1. SmartVIN (Skip to step 11 for Manual Selection operation).


    1. Gateway Data initializing.



    1. Press “F3” to complete.



    1. Select “Control Models”.


    1. Select “Body”.


    1. Select ” CGW – Central gateway”.



    1. Select “Read Codes” (Other options: ECU information, clear codes, Live Data).


    1. Read Live data


    1. Manual selection.



    1. First select “Up to 08/2006”.


    1. Left-hand steering (or right- hand steering)


    1. Vehicle


    1. Select 2nd option ( after 09/2006 year).


    1. Left-hand steering (or right- hand steering)


    1. Vehicle.


    Next let’s have an overview of Foxwell NT530 Mercedes Coverage.



    Finally is Foxwell NT530 settings.

    Incl. Language, Unit, shortcuts, Display test, keypad test, about.


    Select “About” and have Boot version, serial number, copyright etc.

    FYI, when you want to reset another language, just provide the serial number to the seller and they will help process.


    Please enjoy using Foxwell NT530 for Mercedes and Maybach diagnosis job.