BENZ W205 C63AMG OBD2 Scanner, Foxwell NT510 Elite OK?

Car model and year: 2017 Mercedes W205 C63AMG

Purpose: Want an OBD2 Scanner

Failed Test due to the following:

  1. O2 Sensor NOT READY
  2. Heated O2 NOT READY

 Tools to test and the results:

-Autel AutoLink A519 OBD2 $59.99 : failed

-BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone $99.95 : failed

-FOXWELL NT6301 $66.49: failed

-ANCEL AD410 $44.99: failed


– Foxwell NT530 or the iCarsoft MBII: yes

Spent a little more and get either the Foxwell NT530 or Foxwell NT510 Elite or the iCarsoft MBII. I’ve had both and prefer the former which I have now.


Foxwell NT530 Mercedes W205 function list:

Foxwell NT530 Mercedes W205 Function List 01 1024x531

Foxwell NT510 Elite Mercedes W205 function list:

Foxwell NT510 Elite Mercedes W205 Function List 02 1024x531

So, I like Foxwell better.