Best cheap Foxwell NT510 scanner GM Toyota Ford Review

I’ve used the Foxwell NT510 tool a bit more and it’s done well. Keep in mind, $155 just buys the tool and enhanced software for one OEM…Each additional OEM (up to 5) has to be purchased separately for $60. I have Toyota, GM, and Ford loaded in mine. Without the enhanced upgrades, it’s just a cheap generic scanner.

Best cheap Foxwell NT510 scanner GM Toyota Ford Review

Foxwell NT510 tool is VERY capable…when it works. I have had problems with it freezing up, usually while I’m trying to monitor some PIDs while using bi-directional or on a road test…kinda defeats the purposes of being able to observe values on the fly when that happens.

Also, like many lower cost tools…which is likely a hardware limitation, the sample rate is shit. Example:…I was attempting to view several starter enable/command PIDs on a cadillac the other day, and the tool would not sample fast enough to change the PID from “OFF” to “ON” in the time it took the engine start.

I can say though, that this is the best cheap scanner I’ve ever used. The company is good to deal with although they’re Chinese; the customer support is mostly worth. If you have a problem, they’ll refund the cost of the tool, but not the cost of your software, which is shitty.

I’ve used it to do a cam sensor reset on a 99ish 454 suburban, I’ve used it to do the ABS bleed on a handful of GMs and a prius. It performs the zero point calibration for the ABS/trac system on my 2003 4runner, and I was able to control the VVTi solenoids on the engine.

Best cheap Foxwell NT510 scanner GM Toyota Ford Review

At this point, for the price, I would recommend it.

I have the Foxwell NT510, a Launch CRP129, and the AutoEnginuity with Asian and Domestic enhanced bundle. The AutoEnginuity is more capable and has better graphing and mode $6 data, but I find that between the Launch and the Foxwell and my scope, I’ve been able to solve the limited scope of everything that has come my way.