Best OBD scanner to reset CLK-Class (W209) check engine light on

Look: CLK-Class (W209) got check engine light on:

Best OBD scanner to reset CLK-Class (W209) check engine light on


Preferred OBD II scanner for Benz CLK-Class (W209):

  1. The “best” is SDS (MBZ’s Star Diagnosis System). You can get a Chinese “clone” version of it for around $500 including a used Dell laptop.

For a less expensive and less complex option, look at the iCarsfot i980 or MBII, or the Autel MD802 Elite.


  1. I have the iCarsoft MB II, and it works great. It can be used as a standard OBD2 scanner for any OBD2 vehicle, and can do some extra stuff for Mercedes vehicles. I used it to troubleshoot an ESP issue on my E350, and was able to verify that the steering angle sensor was working fine, and instead that the problem was simply the brake pedal switch. iCarsoft MB II can’t do nearly as much as SDS, but for the price and as a diagnostic tool, it’s well worth it IMO.


  1. Many on the forums have i980 and it gets good reviews. I think the MBII is slightly more capable and easier to use, but the i980 should do what you want. Another one I hear really good things about is the Autel MD802 Elite – it even works on other cars besides MBZ which might be a bonus.


  1. I did wind up contacting iCarsoft and they stated NONE of their devices will recalibrate the air suspension and offer changing the ride height values. Oh well, on to checking out Autel and Foxwell (those under $400). Foxwell NT530 Benz scanner states theirs does and its $150-$200, and it is easy to use (plug and play instead of installing driver and software on one computer.


Please read Foxwell NT530 Benz scanner function list


Besides, please look at these Benz software images:

Best OBD scanner to reset CLK-Class (W209) check engine light on


As you can see, Foxwell NT530 is one nice Benz diagnostic OBD2 scanner for more than 1000 models.