Best tool for 08 BMW 535i rough idle and fuel pump code troubleshooting

08 BMW 535i have a rough idle and a fuel pump code to troubleshoot, the best tool options are Carly, Foxwell NT530 scanner, Inpa, ISTA, etc. Foxwell NT530 is plug and play, easy to use and gets detailed data , and go for the newbie.


Car model and year: 08 BMW 535i


Problem: have a rough idle and a fuel pump code



Looking for a best tool and a repair manual so I can OHM test all my sensors


Best repair manual:

Bentley service manual (would be handy)


Working tools for choice and test reports:

  1. I use Carly. Diagnostic & coding is good. I cannot say what is the best but it works for me.


  1. Foxwell NT530 is decent and cheap.
    You wouldn’t want a Schrader valve on the high pressure line – it runs at up to 200BAR (2900psi). Car has a transducer to check pressure and can be live tested with the Foxwell.


  1. I have the protocol app instead of Carly. Lots of owners have set up BMW inpa software, etc.


  1. Software package called BMW Tools, includes IN PA and others. for part numbers and diagrams. for diagnosis and procedures.

Now the best isn’t always the best choice, I say this the software has a pretty steep learning curve.


  1. There’s a progression.
    New to E60? Start with Foxwell 530 (at this point) with BMW software ($150 or so), because it’s easy to use and gets detailed data. Get the Bentley manual, for around $100, because it’s accessible. Foxwell is not the only one, but you MUST have access to the BMW codes whatever you order. Also, get a SW updatable unit.

    On the DIY learning curve? Part numbers:, free. Learn to find good OEM alternatives to BMW’s vastly overpriced equivalent. Repairs: More sophisticated details, excellent torque values reference: (free)

    More sophisticated, either already a good wrench on other cars, or getting knowledgeable about E60s : INPA and ISTA (free): BMW service level tools, often very complex and have a steep learning curve. Particularly with INPA, you can make mistakes and mess up your car in a few places — but if you stick to diagnostics, it’s one of the best for the inner details. ISTA is more foolproof and intuitive. Really sophisticated: Various coding packages.

    But start with “easy” and “simple”: Foxwell (or equivalent)/BMW SW, and the Bentley. Start mixing in realoem and newtis as you learn.

    BTW, I’ve used Carly for years, and am fine with it, but Foxwell NT530 is plug and go for the newbie. Carly has a decent basic options setting package, but a crappy sensor info routine (100+ sensors in alphabetical order?). I’ll haul it out for a quick code check, or an options selection, but for serious work there are others.