Can Foxwell NT510 find BMW 90 bad cylinder so I replace one?

Q: Can I use Foxwell NT510 to find which cylinder so I am not replacing one plug at a time to find the bad one?
If so, which function could I use?

A: If you have a misfire then your will have a fault code. Fault code are always retrievable until they get deleted. Search for the fault code and it will tell you what cylinder or just google the code and I’m sure the definition will pop up somewhere

If you replaced plugs and you getting misfires then the problem is your coils.

Reporting back:
Registering a battery is super easy. It gives you the option to say that you upgraded the Ah rating as well if you are having trouble finding an OEM spec battery.
The Maxx ever start H8 I picked up from Walmart (after reading a few threads, that’s what I landed on) did not have an amp hour value. I read that someone just registered it, didn’t do any coding, and was still happy with it after four years so I went with just a registration also.

Now, regarding the misfire…. No codes came up.
This shudder is only detectable at idle and is somewhat random. It happens after sitting at idle for a few seconds after driving. Generally have to wait longer after stopping at a light if the car is warm.

The only code was 2E8D which I’m gonna say was from replacing the battery. Will clear it and see if it pops up again.