Case: Foxwell NT520 reset Honda SRS light on

2003 Honda Odyssey airbag light on, bought one Foxwell NT520 to reset. Here I’d like to share the process from the beginning the user had questions to NT520 to the SRS reset with NT520.



– Where is Foxwell NT520 shipped out?

– What are the similarities and differences between Foxwell NT520 and NT510?

– Can NT520 do SRS system?



Here are answers to your questions:
-Foxwell NT520 would be shipped from US warehouse if your shipping address is in US.
-The functions of NT520 are the same, so it would not be much difference on diagnosis, you can refer to

 Foxwell NT520 VS Foxwell NT510
-You can add Honda as a free one and purchase additional authorization for Toyota at 70USD here.
-NT520 is able to do SRS system.



I purchased NT520, loaded the Honda program and updated. I can diagnose the issue with my srs light (code F1-11) but I couldn’t erase the code even after the seat belt fixed (the airbag did not deploy). Is there any program I can load to my scanner to help me to erase the code inside the module. Please advise. Thank you.


Can you send us the detail of your vehicle, mode and year Vin # etc. Also provide the error message screenshot.


Question:  My car is 2003 Honda Odyssey and I’ve attached 2 pictures:

-My Car model and VIN number.

-The code was diagnosed my car.

Thank you very much for your help and I’m looking forward with the solution.

Case: Foxwell NT520 reset Honda SRS light on

Answer: your vehicle airbag might have problem, so the scanner cannot clear the fault code. Would you please check the problem of your vehicle again and have a try?


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