DIY Porsche service reset tool, which Foxwell diagnostic tool recommended?

A 2012 911 Turbo and 2016 Macan Turbo need a Foxwell diagnostic tool to reset the service indicator light, which one recommended? Go on reading following parts.

Car model and year:

A 2012 911 Turbo and 2016 Macan Turbo


DIY user, I do my own maintenance.


I have to go to the dealer to reset the “service now” message, I want to Porsche diagnostic tool to reset the service indicator light.

Porsche diagnostic tool I am interested?

Foxwell diagnostic tool

The tool price range I can pay:

I would like the most inexpensive model that will do the resets since I am not using the tool on a daily basis and will only use it occasionally.

Foxwell diagnostic tool recommended:

Get any of Foxwell AutoMaster NT644 or NT4021 auto service tool, they are both verified working fine.

Where to get Foxwell AutoMaster NT644 and NT402 auto service tool

  1. Foxwell AutoMaster NT644



  • Scroll with up and down arrow keys to highlight Oil Reset With One Button from the Oil Reset menu. An Information screen displays. Press the function key OK to continue or Cancel key to return to the Oil Reset menu
  • oil reset
  • Follow on-screen instruction and send a command to reset oil service. A screen with “Success” message displays once the lamp has been reset. Press any key to return.
  • nt644 success
  • If the oil service reset failed, the following screen displays. Please follow on-screen instructions to troubleshoot it. If the problem still exists, please contact your local dealer for communication

For the manual reset procedure, browse this manual and go to page 48 for details:


NT4021 auto service tool