European BMW E32 740i Reset engine headlights with Foxwell NT530

European BMW E32 740i has check engine light on, Foxwell NT530 for BMW with one 20pin cable is the best scanner to reset.

Car model and year: European BMW E32 740i



I was checking the bulbs on the cluster and came across the check engine light and noticed there is no bulb there. So I tried a bulb, turned key on and no light on.


Turned ignition on and I’ve got a steady check engine light on. It doesn’t go off.



To retrieve fault codes is to get a scan tool like Foxwell NT530 for BMW.


I bought one foxwell NT530 scan tool with BMW software & one 20 Pin Connector, it has bi directional controls. I’ve used it a few different times and have been satisfied so far.

BMW round 20pin to 16pin OBDII connector fits these models:



The Peak and Laptop is an ideal option though if you plan of graphing PIDs and working on other models besides BMW. The Foxwell tool can graph PIDs but it’s on a gameboy sized screen.


I have used the foxwell tool on my 90′ 535i without issue, motronic 1.3 I believe. Which is the same as my e32.

It will also read the airbag module and clear any codes associated with it.

I also what I used to read the transmission code on my 530i, e34 .

I would say the downside of this tool is that sometimes it will run slowly. It can get stuck while scanning modules the vehicle isn’t equipped with. I have yet to have the “Automatic VIN” mode work yet and I even tried it on an e65.

Solid tool so far!


Good to know:

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