Experience on Foxwell NT510 Land Rover software from foxwelltool.com

This is a diary which records my personal experience on Foxwell NT510 scaner with Land Rover software bought from foxwelltool.com.

Let’s start.

Sep 1, 2016 update:

I just ordered the Foxwell NT510 scanner, I want it to add Land Rover software, I bought from foxwelltool.com which is authorized dealer at China,Order #FW160830XXXXX, and I am waiting for it to arrive. I will send them the serial number when I receive it as requested. It is still waiting to be picked up by UPS.

This is what message Foxwellshop email me after I order:

“Thanks for your order on our website for NT510 software.

Please provide us serial number of your NT510 so that we can add Land Rover software to your device.

And please follow this guide to update your device after we activated:


Sep 8, 2016 update:

I received my NT510 scanner today, the serial number is NV516050XXXXX, I message to foxwellshop salesperson and asking them tell me how I can download the software. I have my Foxwell account.

Sep 12, 2016 update:

They reply me Land Rover software has added, now I can go download software and update.

Finally, it’s working.