Foxwell NT414 feedback on Jaguar ABS, Peugeot Gearbox and Toyota SRS

My 1999 Jaguar S type goes into Failsafe Engine Mode, the helpful chap at foxwellshop recommended NT414 scanner beast he was spot on. Plugged in the scanner hey presto a list of error codes and their translations! Perfect – off to buy a new pedal position sensor.

Also has worked on Jaguar ABS, Peugeot Auto Gearbox, Toyota airbag, early Zafira Diesel engine codes.

This foxwell NT414 tool is great – easy to use and well documented.

Obviously the more you pay the more you get when it comes to scanners. The NT414 strikes a nice balance between cost and performance. Its good enough to be used at a small business like mine but cheap to be bought by the keen home mechanic.

Compare with Foxwell NT624 scanner and NT644 scanner:

Foxwell NT414 is 4 systems only (ECU, ABS, Airbag and Transmission).

If you want ALL makes & ALL Systems you should get Foxwell NT 624 or NT644. 624 hasn’t got EPB & Oil reset functions. For a DIYer 624 is more then enough. For a garage one would need EPB & Oil reset, so I would advice NT644. If you want European only & All System, then go for NT 622.
My friend own NT644 & it is a great tool. he have scanned numerous cars & it does what it says. Most importantly it speaks fluently MB language……… he is very happy with it.
Where did I get Foxwell NT414 Scanner from?

There is not only one shop online who will sell you Foxwell items.

Therefore it is always nice to have a company recommended that someone has experience with.

This is the people I bought my Foxwell Nt414 scanner from.

Foxwell NT414 feedback on Jaguar ABS, Peugeot Gearbox and Toyota SRS

I’m sure they are not the most expensive and also not lowest price and but they did answer all of my emails in 24 hours and my order only took 7 working days to arrive. Their orders can be tracked online so you know where it is.