Foxwell NT510 Scanner On 2002 GM C1500 Review

I received Foxwell NT510 at Jun 28 to work on a 2002 GM C1500. It did not come with the GM software installed, since I specified GM for my included 1 free vehicle make. I was asked to register on website and download the program, my Serial number is NV516040XXXXX.

After successfully registered, I find nothing more. When I select the GM software and attempt to install, the website prompts me to click “here” to install a client, which fails to work.   I’ve included a screen sh ot and the result of clicking on the “here” prompt.

I have attempted with both windows 7 and windows 10

foxwell-nt510-for-gm foxwell-nt510-address-not-understood


Then, their engineer help set my serial number combine with GM program and then I just need update the device by following update procedure:


Finally, I figured it out…GM software is loaded. The OBD2 scanner works well. All other features work

Therefore, I think Foxwell NT510 is worth to have one although there are also a little bug, as long as the customer service response fast and help fix it up.