Foxwell NT510 Elite 2013 Benz E93/N51 (SULEV) – cylinder misfire codes

Car model and year: 2013 Benz E93/N51 (SULEV) with 104k miles



Have oil svc done because the spark plugs were wearing out. It sorta made sense as the SES would light up if I hit the gas pedal on an on-ramp or when I suddenly accelerated, but then go off after steady drive. Now SES is on all the time, engine is jerky at low speeds as well, rough idle.


History doesn’t show plugs/coils were replaced at all by prior owner.


Benz diagnostic scanner to use:

Foxwell 510 Elite


Fault codes:

Threw up a LOT of codes for multiple modules.

Motor Electronics DME module (4 faults):
29CC – Combustion misfires: several cylinders
29CE – Combustion misfires: cylinder 2
29D1 – Combustion misfires: cylinder 5
2E7B – Ignition timing adjustment at partial load, cold start


Listen to some users advice:

I’d contact the dealer to see if the issue is covered under the SULEV warranty. Plugs are typically replaced at 100k miles on non-turbo engines. I think the interval is 50k miles on a turbo engine.


Yes about 50k – 60k for the Turbo motors. BMW actually goes by the service schedule, which would be every Inspection or 4 years, and those plugs are not cheap BTW.


100k is typical for the non-turbo motors for plug replacement unless you are driving a NA M motor, then 60k IIRC.


I’d order BMW LZFR6AP-11GS Spark Plug – NGK 95712 AND coils.


What I will do next:

The thing is, plugs are not covered, but ignition coils are covered under SULEV warranty.


So I will clear the fault codes, replace the plugs myself, and see if any misfire codes reappear. If they do, I’ll get the dealer to replace the coils, injectors, or whatever else may need to be replaced, by claiming the SULEV warranty. (Unless someone has a better idea).

Foxwell NT510 Elite 2013 Benz E93/N51 (SULEV) – cylinder misfire codes


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