Foxwell NT510 Elite: BMW 2001 e46 oil service Reset

Have BMW 2001 e46 330xi to reset the oil service using Foxwell NT510 Elite the Foxwell asks me to do the reset without test or with test but i don’t know which is the difference and I cannot find it in the manual. what is the difference between with and without tests?

Foxwell NT510 Elite: BMW 2001 e46 oil service Reset engineer advice:

You didn’t find out oil service reset function of Foxwell NT510 Elite, maybe you need to manual reset the oil, please try any of the following 2 methods.


Method 1.

  1. Turn the key switch ON or when start engine. The instrument panel will display OIL Service or INSPECTION and left distance for several seconds.
  2. If Service or INSPECTION are lit all the time and the left distance is next to 0? it indicates that it needs oil service reset.
  3. Press RESET button in the left of instrument panel.
  4. Turn key ON and to ACC position.
  5. Waiting for the instrument displays OIL Service or INSPECTION is flashed.
  6. Release RESET button, then press five seconds, the screen will display RESR or RE is flashed.
  7. Release RESET button again and press again till the screen displays 25000km.


Method 2.Manual Reset:

  1. Turn off the ignition.
  2. Press and hold the TRIP ODOMETER button in the instrument cluster and turn the ignition to Accessory(1)
  3. Keep the button pressed for approximately 5 more seconds until OIL SERVICE RESET (RE) or INSPECTION RESET (RE) appears in the display. Then release the button.
  4. Press and hold the button again for approx. 5 seconds until RE or RESET flashes in the display. Then release the button.
  5. With the display flashing, press the button briefly to reset and display the new Service Interval. After this, END SIA appears in the display for approximately 2 seconds.